Rautaruukki Oyj selected Sonera´s electronic messaging service

The steel company Rautaruukki Oyj has bought an electronic messaging service from TeliaSonera Finland to support its business. The electronic messaging service connects the messaging systems used by the company to the best-known e-mail systems and business applications. Rautaruukki will use the messaging system in business processes extending across the company´s interfaces, particularly at the customer interface. The messaging system makes it possible to process messages whatever the time, place or terminal equipment. The service includes management, monitoring and filing, and it adapts flexibly to various operating environments.
"All information does not yet move electronically between companies from end to end, but fax traffic, for example, is still needed. The electronic messaging service saves a considerable number of man-hours and speeds up communications, when faxes - for example order confirmations to customers - can be sent directly from information systems to the recipients," says Mauri Isokääntä, Vice President of Information Management at Rautaruukki. "The number of SMS messages sent from applications is also growing. The simple SMS messaging technology has proved very useful for instance in controlling transport fleet," Isokääntä continues. "As an innovative expert in the steel industry, Rautaruukki with its subsidiaries is an important partner to us. Our aim with Rautaruukki is to further enhance the dialogue based on business needs and in this way to further develop the features of our service and its suitability for the business processes of Rautaruukki and its subsidiaries," says Global Account Manager Eero Lantto of Sonera Corporation.

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