Sonera Corporation changes its name to TeliaSonera Finland Oyj

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Sonera Corporation resolved to change the company name of Sonera Corporation to TeliaSonera Finland Oyj. When the name change has been registered, the new name will be used, starting from September 1, 2003, in all connections where the name Sonera Corporation has been used previously.
In accordance with the group practice of TeliaSonera AB, no foreign-language parallel company names have been registered for TeliaSonera Finland Oyj, but the same name will be used in all connections. It should be noted that the company continues to be a public limited company, and thus the abbreviation Oyj remains after the name, although the company share is no longer publicly traded. Despite the name change, the official company data remain unchanged. The Business Identity Code remains unchanged, the registered office continues to be in Helsinki, and the address continues to be Teollisuuskatu 15, 00510 Helsinki. The name change has no other effect on the cooperation with the company´s partners and customers than starting from September 1, the new name will be used in official connections. These are for example invoices and other official documents. TeliaSonera Finland, the Finnish profit center of TeliaSonera, offers products and services under the Sonera brand after the name change as before.

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