Sonera has opened a GPRS roaming connection to Japan

Sonera has opened a GPRS roaming connection with Japanese operator J-Phone. Sonera´s mobile phone customers have now also a wide range of mobile GPRS data services available to them in Japan. GSM roaming on J-Phone´s network started in December 2002. Sonera customers can now use GPRS services in Japan, and - thanks to the two-way agreement - JPhone´s customers have the same roaming opportunity on Sonera´s mobile network.
Sonera customers can use their own SIM card and mobile telephone number when travelling in Japan, but they must rent or buy a telephone that operates in the local third-generation mobile network (WCDMA). Sonera customers have normal voice services, text messages, call forwardings and barrings and GPRS data transmission available to them on the Japanese network. - Japan is a roaming country that has been long desired and waited for. Our data services can now also be used in the Japanese third-generation mobile network. This is an important step towards global mobile services, says Director Janne Pesu of TeliaSonera Finland. Sonera customers can use their GSM subscriptions on the networks of as many as 235 operators in 132 countries. At present, GPRS services operate on the networks of 54 operators in 34 countries. For more information on the coverage of Sonera mobile subscriptions in Japan and elsewhere in the world, call our Customer Care number 0800 17000 or visit (in Finnish).

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