Sonera to provide MMS Gateway service to sunrise

Sonera has signed an agreement to provide Sonera MMS Gateway service to the Swiss operator sunrise. For sunrise, the agreement provides a new means of interconnecting multimedia messages between mobile operators over the existing Sonera GRX infrastructure. Secure, seamless and reliable, Sonera MMS Gateway is the latest addition to the Sonera GRX service portfolio. The service is now available to mobile operators worldwide.
The Sonera MMS Gateway concept is a breakthrough in reducing the complexity of building the interworking environment of multimedia messaging. For the operator the service offers an effortless way of implementing all MMS Interworking to any 2G or 3G mobile operator in the world. Operators can now take advantage of the already working concept of GRX and utilise it for the benefit of MMS as well. "We are very pleased to co-operate with such an advanced mobile operator as sunrise. They have been our GRX customer for several years and now we are starting a new era by deploying one of the very latest innovations in MMS interworking," says Sales Director Jyrki Peitsara from TeliaSonera Finland. "The Swiss mobile market is very knowledgeable and highly competitive, and we consider working with sunrise to be a challenge, as well as an opportunity to maximise our mobile skills." GSM Association´s permanent reference document MMS Interworking Guidelines (IR.52) recommends the use of GRX roaming network as the preferred network in MMS interworking. Using a highly secure private IP network instead of the public Internet, GRX provides secure, reliable and scalable interconnection of any GPRS or 3G network globally. Sonera GRX?s reference list already counts 26 customers around the world.

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