Sonera wGate becomes Sonera Homerun on September 1, 2003

Sonera wGate and Telia Homerun services, which enable high-rate wireless Internet access, have been available for the joint use of Sonera´s and Telia´s customers in the Nordic countries as of the beginning of this year. The name of the service will change in Finland to Sonera Homerun as of September 1, 2003. At the same time, new service areas will be introduced; in future, the service can also be used at the Ramada and Holiday Inn hotels in Finland belonging to Restel Oy´s hotel chain. The Sonera Homerun users can now transact wirelessly in nearly 700 locations in the Nordic countries and elsewhere in the world.
The service has already earlier been available at Restel Oy´s Cumulus and Rantasipi hotels and in the Sokos Hotels hotel chain. There are nearly 200 service areas in Finland and close to 500 elsewhere in the world: at hotels, airports and on other premises. The new service areas will be made available to the customers without any supplementary charges. In future, high-rate wireless access will thus be available for teleworking purposes in many new locations at an unchanged price. Broadband WLAN services open new horizons for the companies´ working and operations models. Top-speed, easy-to-use services enable business travellers, for example, to access the Internet wirelessly from their own laptops or PDAs in the service areas around the world. The Sonera Homerun service is used with a portable terminal device, a Wireless LAN card and an Internet browser. A separate information-security solution, such as VPN (Virtual Private Network), also enables access to the company´s own intranet, and so the services make it possible for the employees to attend to their business matters wherever they happen to be. "Thanks to the joint use, the wireless services will now be increasingly simpler for Sonera customers to use, and new agreements raise the number of service areas considerably. Sonera Homerun is the only service in Finland that can provide the customers with the full range of WLAN services, with the most extensive range of service areas," says Senior Vice President Pasi Tolonen, responsible for TeliaSonera Finland´s business customers. "The Homerun service areas are particularly useful to employees travelling abroad, for the service provides the employees with access to the company´s Internet and email services quickly and wirelessly." According to Tolonen, it is also beneficial to the users that the wireless voice and data services are available from one and the same service provider with a single agreement and a single invoice and that settings of only one type are needed. TeliaSonera´s WLAN offering is among the widest in the world.

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