Telia report: Record number of people are telecommuting and living a less stressful life

Half of the employees in Swedish companies are working at home at least once a week. This telecommuting has resulted in less stress and they are getting more work done. Their managers are also in favour of them working at home. These findings and others can be found in the latest release of "Telia´s communications barometer for enterprises" report.
Telecommuting is popular in Sweden. Eight out of every ten employees like working at home and seven out of ten managers are positive towards the possibility of having their personnel work at home. Half of the employees telecommute, usually one to five hours per week. The reason: telecommuting is a more flexible and efficient way of working. Working at home is also productive - close to 40 percent of the telecommuters replied that working from their home office was less stressful and just as many say they get more work done.
Mobile phones have paved the way
" With remote connections and wireless networks, people are free to choose their workplace, which might be their study at home, with a view of the garden, or out on the terrace of their house. A varied working environment is beneficial for employees and increases their well-being. It is also beneficial for companies, since their employees work more efficiently at home when they telecommute," says Erik Heilborn, head of the Business Segment at TeliaSonera Sweden.
Telecommuting offers many advantages, but also has its disadvantages. The most difficult aspect of working at home, employees say, is that they lack a colleague that they can use as a sounding board, and that they tend to get out of touch with their co-workers. But just as many telecommuters say that they basically do not experience any problems working from home.
Mobile phone more important than ordinary wireline connection
Communications between the home and work is mainly managed by mobile phone and e-mail. The ordinary wireline phone at home is used considerably, but not to the same extent as a mobile handset and e-mail. SMS messages are also sent rather often.
Summer home is a popular workplace
If they were asked to choose a workplace, six out of ten employees would prefer working at a desk. Summer homes, the beach and cafés are also popular workplaces for some. In reality, desks are used more than anything for a workplace in homes, although sofas and the kitchen are also attractive locations to work.
"Telia´s communications barometer for enterprises" is a survey and report that is regularly published to reflect developments and trends in the communications area and the way they impact the working styles and methods of companies.
Maria Stråhle, Press Manager, TeliaSonera Sweden, Business Segment, +46 8 713 5830.
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