TeliaSonera and Falck develop fastest personal alarm in Europe

TeliaSonera and the Falck security company have developed a personal security alarm that functions all over Europe and is faster and more accurate than any other personal alarm on the European market. The same second that a person presses the alarm button on his GPS-mobile handset in an emergency, the operator at Falck can see exactly where the incident is taking place and pinpoint the approximate location of the person with an accuracy of +/-five metres.
The alarm system is unique because of its combined speed and accurate positioning. By utilising the Global Positioning System (GPS), the alarm system can locate a person with a fault margin of five metres anywhere in Europe where there is GSM coverage.
When a person in distress presses the alarm button, an SMS message is sent with a combination of digits. When the digits are received at the alarm desk at Falck, they are converted into a map that indicates the position of the mobile phone. The handset´s voice channel is also opened, allowing the on-duty alarm operator to also listen to what is happening at the site.
The SMS message only takes one second to transmit because the system utilises the possibility of handling IP addresses in Telia´s GSM network. When the message reaches the first radio base station, it is directed via the Internet to the SMS server in Sweden, where Falck?s alarm operator automatically retrieves it.
"By using Telia´s services, we have managed to develop a personal alarm that is probably the fastest and most secure system in Europe today," says Michael Nevrin, project manager at Falck.
The system has three main application areas - assault situations, accidents (man down) and car burglaries. An example of an accident would be if a person working alone - such as a forest worker - would have an accident in the woods and need to summon help.
Falck started to sell alarm services based on the new system three months ago. Sales have been very successful - there is a particularly strong interest to use the system in the event of an attack.
" We are noticing increased demand for attack alarms and similar personal security equipment solutions," says Michael Nevrin. " Due to a growing number of threats - internationally and in Sweden - companies, authorities and individuals are becoming more concerned about their personal security."
" We receive many inquiries about attack alarms from corporate executives who want increased personal security. But there are other professional categories in society that feel threatened and can have enhanced personal security with an alarm, such as building caretakers, bill collection agency employees or home-help service personnel who work late in the evening," ends Michael Nevrin.
Torbjörn Larsson, Press Manager, TeliaSonera Sweden, 46 70 527 20 33
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