TeliaSonera Finland to switch Lindström Oy

Finland's leading textile service company Lindström Oy has concluded a comprehensive voice and data service agreement with TeliaSonera Finland. Along with the new solution, Lindström gives up the fixed telephones and switches, with the exception of the customer service, to mobile PBX service and the use of mobile phones. The customer service transfers to a switchboard service solution that supports VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol.
By giving up the fixed telephones, Lindström Oy increases the reachability and mobility of its personnel and lightens its heavy infrastructure. Only the persons who work in customer service will continue the use of fixed telephones. The agreement comprises 500 mobile phone subscriptions.
The solution to be delivered by TeliaSonera Finland provides Lindström with an opportunity to switch its all voice and data traffic to the information network. Lindström's local area networks in Finland will be united into a uniform entity that will also allow remote use. The use of voice and data traffic on the same network connections is enabled by grouping all data traffic into traffic classes; the data moves in the order of classification on the most optimal route. So, calls for instance are not disconnected, although even large data entities were sent simultaneously. The solution to be delivered to Lindström by TeliaSonera Finland will also include Internet and information security services, reachability service and PBX service. The increasing mobility of the personnel is also an important part of the new solution.
"The Mobicentrex solution will enable us to improve the reachability of our personnel and the cost-efficiency of voice communications at the same time. A lighter communications infrastructure will make the establishment of new business locations more flexible and rapid", says Jukka Roiha, Managing director of Lindström Oy.
"In its corporate services, TeliaSonera Finland has focused its efforts on comprehensive, highly productized ICT solutions that are easy to be bought, used and maintained by the customer. The services have been built to support each other so that they can be easily integrated into service entities in accordance with the customer's need. I believe that it was our comprehensive service thinking that contributed decisively to TeliaSonera Finland having the deal", tells Senior Vice President Esa Korvenmaa, responsible for the large corporate customers of TeliaSonera Finland.
Supplementary information:
Lindström is one of the leading textile rental companies in Europe. The company's mission is to improve its customers' appearance and image by means of textiles and cleanliness. Lindström has operated in Finland since 1848 and today Lindström has more than 1400 employees in 13 European countries. Lindström Group's turnover in year 2003 is estimated up to 150 million euros. Company's success is based not only on quality, competence and innovation, but also taking care of a long term customer relationships, profitable growth, responsibility and enthusiasm.
TeliaSonera Finland Senior Vice President Esa Korvenmaa, tel. 040 302 1000 esa.korvenmaa@teliasonera.comAccount Manager Saara Mikkola, tel. 040 302 2155 saara.mikkola@teliasonera.comLindström OyManaging Director Jukka Roiha, tel. 0400 410 840 or jukka.roiha@lindstrom.fiIT Director Minna Alenius, tel. 040 733 5331 or
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