Long calls to Mom - that´s when Swedes use the fixed phone

Long calls to Mom - that's when Swedes use the fixed phone

When Swedes want to make a long call, or phone a public authority, they
prefer to use an ordinary fixed telephone. These lengthy private calls
are often made to their mother, according to the findings of a new poll
that was recently conducted for Telia to investigate the phone habits of
the Swedish people.

When the Swedes want to make a long phone call, nine out of ten choose
to use a fixed phone. When they are going to call a public authority,
three out of four choose the fixed phone. More than half prefer the
ordinary phone to call friends they do not see so often.

"The mobile phone hasn't replaced the ordinary fixed phone in the same
way that e-mail has replaced ordinary mail. The two phones complement
each other instead because the cost of a home phone is lower, but also
because the mobile phone stands for availability and calls on the run,
while the fixed phone indicates that the call is important and the
caller has a lot of time to make it," says Indra Åsander, head of
TeliaSonera's Consumer Segment.

Women make long calls more often
Long calls (more than 15 minutes) are most often made to a good friend,
replied three out of four people in the survey. Calls to Mom came in
second place, said 53 percent of the respondents. Women make more calls
to their mother than men (59 percent, as against 45 percent). Twenty-
five percent of the Swedish people usually call their father.

Women also make long calls more frequently than men. In the poll, 58
percent of the women, and 38 percent of the men, said they make several
phone calls a week that are longer than 15 minutes. Eight out of ten
women, and six out of ten men, make at least one lengthy phone call each

Three out of ten gossip
When Swedes talk on the ordinary phone evenings and weekends, they
mainly discuss things that have happened during the week, say eight out
of ten in the poll. Sixty-five percent talk about the family and 58
percent talk about plans to do something together. Three out of ten
gossip about people they know.

The fixed phone is the most common way for Swedes to keep in touch with
friends and family they do not meet so often, replied slightly more than
half of the people in the poll. E-mail (31 percent) and SMS (11 percent)
are other ways.

The research company Cint conducted the survey in December 2003. The
number of respondents was 1,024.

For further information journalists can contact:
Hans G. Larsson, Press Manager, TeliaSonera Sweden, Consumer Segment,
phone +46 8 713 58 30

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