Telia simplifies pricing of GPRS usage for enterprises

Telia simplifies pricing of GPRS usage for enterprises

As of today (Jan. 15) Telia is discontinuing the entrance fee and flat
monthly rate for mobile data service (GPRS) for enterprise customers in
the Swedish market. These customers will instead pay for the amount of
data they send or receive. The price starts at 3.2 öre per kB (excluding
VAT) and the rate decreases as usage increases.

Telia is discontinuing the earlier price variants of an entrance fee and
flat monthly rate that proved to be a threshold for users when they
started using mobile Internet services. With the new pricing model, the
more data users send during the month, the lower the traffic fee will
be. Most companies will be able to reduce their mobile data costs with
this new pricing model.

"The previous pricing system made it difficult for our enterprise
customers to choose the type of subscription. With the new model, it
will be easier for them to get an overview of their costs and we believe
more companies will now start to use the mobile Internet," says Erik
Heilborn, head of the Business Segment at TeliaSonera Sweden.

With the new pricing model for Telia Mobile Online Work, a normal sized
e-mail message, without attachments, will cost about SEK 0.10 to send.
This would result in a monthly charge of about SEK 32 for 1 Mb of data,
after which the traffic fee would decrease so that users would pay SEK
24/Mb for up to 5Mb of data and SEK 16/Mb for up to 25 Mb. Users sending
more than 25Mb of data per month would pay SEK 12.80/Mb. All prices are
excluding VAT.

For further information journalists can contact:
Lars Joelsson, TeliaSonera Sweden's Press Office, +46 8 713 58 30

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