TeliaSonera Finland adjusts its local call pricing and local network charge

The pricing scheme applied to calls placed from a home telephone subscription will be revised as of April 1, 2004. The call set-up charge for local calls will drop, but the per-minute charge and the local network charge will rise. The monthly charge charged for the telephone subscription will remain unchanged.
A local call charge is charged when a call is made from a Sonera telephone subscription to another home telephone subscription located in the same teledistrict. The local network charge is invoiced for international, long-distance or service number calls and when a call is made from a fixed-line telephone to a mobile telephone.
The new call prices as of April 1, 2004 are as follows. Local call charge: call set-up charge 12.18 cents/call + 1.22 cents/min. (previously 12.61 cents/call + 1.01 cents/min.). Local network charge: call set-up charge 10 cents/call + 1 cent/min. (previously 7.57 cents/call + 0.61 cents/min.).
After the change, a one-minute local call will cost 13.40 cents (previously 13.62 cents), a five-minute call 18.28 cents (previously 17.66 cents) and a ten-minute call 24.38 cents (previously 22.71 cents).
After the change, the local network charge for a one-minute call will be 11 cents (previously 8.18 cents), for a five-minute call 15 cents (previously 10.62 cents) and for a ten-minute call 20 cents (previously 13.67).
For Internet customers, TeliaSonera Finland can offer many single-rate broadband solutions, which have been planned for heavy users.
"We're changing the structure of the local call charge so as to take account of the changes in the use of fixed subscriptions. Heavy Internet use is migrating to broadband subscriptions, and for those who use the Internet via the telephone subscription for longer periods of time we have flat-rate access packages. By changing the local network charge we aim to improve cost correlation and compensate for the rise in cost level that has taken place in local telecommunications over the last four years," says department director Pasi Harkki of TeliaSonera Finland.
The customer's of TeliaSonera Finland will be informed of the change in Kodin Kuulumiset, an information bulletin they receive regularly with their invoices, during January-February. The change does not concern the customers who were transferred to Auria on December 1, 2003: they will be invoiced according to the invoicing principles applied by Auria. The previous time that TeliaSonera Finland revised the structure of its local call charges was in July 2000.
Department director Pasi Harkki, tel. +358 2040 58320
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