Halebop enters into cooperation with Lunarstorm

Halebop and Lunarstorm* have just recently started to cooperate and two customer offerings have already been developed as a result: Halebop’s prepaid card customers will now be given access to Lunarstorm on their mobile phones and Lunarstorm’s members will be offered a special packaged deal consisting of a Halebop prepaid card and a number of Lunarstorm services.

Since many Halebop prepaid customers are also Lunarstorm members, it is natural for Halebop to enter into collaboration with Lunarstorm to develop new services and offerings.

“Together, we can develop offerings that combine the best of our two worlds,” says Anette Dynesius, manager for direct sales at Halebop.

Specifically, the collaboration means that Halebop’s prepaid card customers will be given access – free of charge – to the Lunarstorm service on their mobile handsets (the service normally costs SEK 10 per month), excluding traffic charges. Halebop customers can surf to Lunarstorm directly on their mobile phone, log onto their personal page and find out what is happening on the website.

“Lunarstorm on a mobile phone is an attractive service to drive traffic in the mobile network,” continues Anette Dynesius. “We also hope, of course, that we can reach new customers through this collaboration.”

*www.lunarstorm.se is a membership-based website and the largest online meeting place in Sweden for young people for chatting and staying in touch with friends.