Halebop first in Sweden with mobile blogging

Blogs have existed on the Internet for several years. The word "blog" is actually an abbreviation of “weblog” – a type of personal and frequently interactive journal or open diary on the Web. Like so many things, the phenomenon comes from the United States. Blogging is now taking the step from the Internet to the mobile phone and the mobile operator Halebop is the first in Sweden to offer customers the possibility to set up their own blog with text, audio, images and/or video clips.

In connection with Halebop’s launch of mobile blogging, three hip-hop bands – Snook (now on tour), MBMA (Mobbade Barn med Automatvapen) and Chords – are publishing artist blogs on www.halebop.se and Halebop GoGo (wap.halebop.se). If you visit Halebop on the Web, or on your mobile handset, you will be able to follow the day-to-day life of these artists.

Anyone can easily create their own mobile blog. All you need to do is to send an MMS message to the number 72333. The word BLOGG (Swedish spelling) must appear as the first word in your text message. Creating a personal blog will cost SEK 5.00 per MMS, plus any traffic charges. Once the blog is set up, you can tip your friends that they have something fun to read.

“This is an easy and fun way to tell your friends what you have done, or what you are doing and seeing. It’s also a cost-effective way, since you don’t have to send an MMS message to each friend,” says Lars Roth at Halebop. “We believe that the use of camera mobile phones will increase as a result of this new mobile blogging capability.”

Mobile blogging is the result of collaboration between Halebop and the mobile services company Aspiro.