Information services available to customers for testing

This year’s Sonera Best Developer competition is looking for new, innovative mobile phone services that are useful and make our everyday life easier. The applications and services will be available to customers for test use from December 1, 2004 to January 15, 2005 at Sonera’s WAP pages and on the Internet.

Last year, TeliaSonera Finland held a Sonera Best Developer competition for application developers of mobile phone services. The competition yielded interesting entertainment services and visually impressive mobile games. This year the competition is organized in co-operation with Nokia, TietoEnator and Accenture, and the theme is information services.

By the appointed time, nearly thirty competition works were submitted to this year’s competition. All the services accepted for the competition (either WAP services or downloadable applications) will be available to Sonera’s mobile phone customers for testing and assessing as from the beginning of December in Sonera’s WAP menu at > hyöty.

The services provide tips and all-round education, such as a program for memorizing the vocabulary of foreign languages and applications for monitoring costs and purchasing or furnishing an apartment. You can also test a new kind of weather service or a service that makes it easier to download new applications onto the mobile phone. For the use of the WAP services and the downloading of the competition applications you will be charged a data transmission charge according to Sonera’s valid price-list. The applications can be used mainly free of charge, but if the use of an application requires data transmission, then the data transmission is subject to a charge.

One of the winning criteria is the popularity the competition work gains among the customers, so customer feedback and information on the number of downloads will be collected during the testing period. Reviews of competition works can be submitted via the feedback link at the WAP pages or at on the Internet. Apart from the customer feedback, a jury comprising experts of the companies organizing the competition evaluates, for example, the implementation and usefulness of the competition works and their suitability to the intended purpose.

The Sonera Best Developer 2004 competition culminates in February 2005 in an event where the winners receive their awards. The main award is a trip to the GSM World Congress to be held in Cannes in February 2005. In addition, all those who have voted for a competition work will be placed in a prize draw for a new Nokia 6630 phone provided with Sonera’s services. The phone comprises, for example, Sonera’s connection settings, ready-made links and a menu key that provides direct access to services.

The services entered in the Sonera Best Developer 2004 competition function in nearly all colour-display phones, but the quality of the services depends on the features of the terminal device. The competition works can be found in Sonera’s WAP menu at > hyöty.

The customer need not register separately to be able to test the competition works: they are available to all Sonera mobile customers. Further, no connection or monthly charges are charged for the test use. The downloading of the applications and the use of the WAP services, however, are subject to a data transmission charge.

For further information, please contact:

Director Juhani Kivikangas, Content and Partner Services TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Tel. +358 40 5561228