Sonera launches services for mobile identification

Sonera launches services, which enable both service providers and customers to make sure of the security of electronic transactions.

Sonera rolls out today Identification Service, through which service providers can reliably authenticate the users of electronic services and make with them agreements that utilize electronic signature. In January Sonera will introduce, on a nation-wide level, Sonera Certificate Card intended for consumers. The card is an easy-to-use and safe identification and signature tool of a mobile phone user for electronic transactions and commerce.

The services are based on the service model developed together by mobile operators and the Population Register Centre in which the Population Register Centre’s citizen certificate can be used via mobile subscription. The citizen certificate, incorporated into the SIM card, functions as the qualified certificate fulfilling the requirements of The Act on Electronic Signatures. Electronic signature produced by the service verifies both the signer and the information content of the signed message with the Public Key Infrastructure.

“By way of the mobile citizen certificate, consumers will have a new option for secure transactions and commerce on the web. It is consistent with citizen certificates that function on other platforms or, for example, with a microchip ID card and it is based on the existing certificate infrastructure”, says Special Adviser Pekka Jelekäinen of the Population Register Centre’s Certificate Services unit.

Sonera Identification Service is a service for service providers offering electronic service through which the company and the user of Sonera Certificate Card can take care of identification and digital signature in connection with the public web service, Internet commerce or telephone customer service, for example.

”Nearly all Finns have a mobile phone in their personal use, and so it is natural to use the phone also for ensuring the identity. Identification of a person reliably and in a user-friendly way is one of the prerequisites for the information society”, says Vice President Pekka Rauhala of TeliaSonera Finland Oyj. ”The qualified certificate as an electronic identity, issued by the authorities, is a definite way for the service provider to make sure that the liability questions, information security and protection of privacy have been carried out in a sustainable way and in accordance with the regulations required by the authorities”, Rauhala continues.

By means of Sonera Certificate Card the mobile phone user can identify himself or herself using the same personal identity code in different public or private sector transaction services irrespective of the service channel. Using the certificate service requires from the subscription customer changing of the present SIM card to Sonera Certificate Card supplied with identification features required by the citizen certificate and registering of the citizen certificate by the police.

Sonera Certificate Card will be available nationwide via Telering chain during January. The monthly charge of the service 1.90 euro includes the certification charges of the Population Register Centre. The use of the certificate in service transactions does not generate costs to the mobile phone user. The police collects a fee for the registration of the citizen certificate according to the decision issued.

Sonera Certificate Card can be connected to all Sonera’s consumer subscriptions (except for Sonera Easy subscription) and it has no effects on the existing services or phone numbers. Customers who have in their use Sonera Mobile Certificate intended for organizational use can have the citizen certificate connected to Sonera’s company subscriptions as a free supplementary service.

Further information:

Pekka Rauhala, Vice President, Products and Services unit, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Tel. +358 2040 63170

Mika Anttila, Product Manager, Sonera Authentication Service, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Tel. +358 2040 72224