Sonera launches Yrittäjäpaketti - a package for small companies - and strengthens its co-operation with Sonera Corporate

Press Release 3. November 2004

Sonera launches Yrittäjäpaketti - a package for small companies - and strengthens its co-operation with Sonera Corporate Dealers

Sonera launches Sonera Yrittäjäpaketti, a package comprising voice and communications solutions and targeted at small companies. Also, Sonera strengthens its co-operation with distribution channels even in corporate sales by providing training and effective services for Sonera Corporate Dealers.

Sonera Yrittäjäpaketti allows entrepreneurs to work irrespective of time and place. In a pre-selected package the solutions and their implementation are considered in advance on behalf of the small companies insofar as possible. Apart from voice and communications solutions, the package also comprises solutions for mobile working. In addition to a mobile subscription, the voice solution may comprise mobile services that improve reachability, such as uniform numbering or Mobicentrex. The entrepreneur can also select between three different Internet subscriptions and e-mail, home page and information security solutions associated with them. The solutions for mobile working also include communications connections that make it possible forward e-mail and calendar data to a laptop or a mobile phone. Also, there is an application that always selects the best connection available on behalf of the user.

"Sonera has long and strong traditions of co-operation with distribution channels in consumer services. In line with our strategy, we're now building a strong co-operation in corporate sales as well. There are already 230 Sonera Corporate Dealers around Finland. Together with them we help small companies to avoid unnecessary investments by providing them with the services and equipment they need," says Anni Vepsäläinen, President of TeliaSonera Finland.

"The idea behind Sonera Yrittäjäpaketti is the small companies' need to obtain services easily and effortlessly. The voice and communications solutions, for example, should therefore be well considered and packaged, so that they are easy to buy and - above all - to use. This is what our customers want. They also want a local partner, who may well be an entrepreneur. Sonera Yrittäjäpaketti is an important part of our strategy. We have the most extensive service offering on the market, and it's great we have been able to take a step forward and offer a useful package for our partners' use," says Anni Vepsäläinen.

"No matter what a small company buys, it is important that they perceive what they are buying and are convinced that the package offered genuinely supports their business. When the company's business grows, they can expand the package they have bought in a flexible manner. Our Corporate Service team has contributed to the development of the package for small companies by testing it from the point of view of the customer and the corporate dealer. In our view, Sonera Yrittäjäpaketti is an innovative and effective package that makes it easy for us to deal with our entrepreneur customers' agreements and meet our customers' needs," says Jan-Aslak Lang, head of corporate service at Päämies-Kauppiaat Oy.

Further information:

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
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Tel. +358 403 022002


TeliaSonera Finland Oyj, the Finnish profit centre of TeliaSonera, offers products and services under the Sonera brand.

TeliaSonera is the leading telecommunications company in the Nordic and Baltic regions. At the end of December 2003 TeliaSonera had 11,957,000 mobile customers (37,610,000 incl associated companies) and 8,061,000 fixed customers (9,160,000 incl associated companies) and 1,631,000 internet customers (1,691,000 incl associated companies). Outside the home markets TeliaSonera has extensive interests in the growth markets in Russia, Turkey and Eurasia. TeliaSonera is listed on the Stockholm Exchange and the Helsinki Exchanges. Pro forma net sales January-December 2003 amounted to SEK 81.7 billion (EUR 9.01 billion). The number of employees was 26,694.

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