Sonera to implement a nationwide numbering scheme for Hartwall

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj and Hartwall Ltd have entered into a three-year agreement on a nationwide numbering scheme and reachability services. The services enable a common telephone number and improved reachability for Hartwall employees. The number 020 717 111 will reach all Hartwall employees all around Finland.

When Hartwall moved to a new office in Helsinki, the company wanted to improve its reachability by adopting a group-level communications solution. Sonera will deliver Hartwall a service consisting of external and internal numbering schemes, reachability solutions and incoming call traffic management and reporting solutions. In the future, the service will enable Hartwall to adopt a one terminal device policy in a controlled manner. With only one number, end users will be able to manage their reachability chains using the same services regardless of the terminal device and technology they use.

Call directing and 0207-numbering enable calls to be flexibly directed to the correct recipients as well as from a fixed network to a mobile network and vice versa. It is, on average, cheaper to call to a 0207-number from a fixed network than it is to make a long-distance call. Among the system’s benefits is also the fact that it displays the number of the caller correctly when a call is directed to a mobile phone. In addition, the Sonera solution will make PBX management more efficient and unify the related practices.

”In today’s rapidly changing market, personnel reachability is a central success factor. The new common telephone number enables our customers to reach Hartwall employees effectively. It further improves the service we offer and makes us a wanted partner”, says Pekka Lindroos, Vice President, Human Resources, of Hartwall.

”The key factors of the total solution for Hartwall are fixed voice services, PBXs, mobile services and data network. Our co-operation and continuous development are based on a customer relationship dating back to more than ten years, which new services and solutions have further strengthened. By keeping the co-operation efficient and by constantly developing our services, we aim at creating actual business benefits for Hartwall”, told Vice President Ilkka Äyräväinen from TeliaSonera Finland.

For more information:

Ilkka Äyräväinen, Vice President, Large Corporate Customers, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Tel. +358 40 3022049

Pekka Lindroos, Vice President, Human Resources, Oy Hartwall Ab
Tel. +358 20 717 111
Email: firstname.lastname


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