Telia broadband for Statoil petrol stations

News Letter
November 3, 2004

Telia broadband for Statoil petrol stations

Telia has received an order from Statoil to provide broadband connections at Statoil petrol stations in Sweden. Credit card payments and alarm functions will be connected via broadband and employees will have fast access to Statoil's corporate intranet and the Internet.

The large majority of the petrol stations will be connected by ADSL broadband. Other stations will be offered ISDN connections. Stations connected by ADSL will be able to offer their customers a hot spot for wireless broadband services, such as Telia HomeRun.

With HomeRun, customers at stations can connect wirelessly to their company intranet, e-mail and other Web-based services.

The order is valued at SEK 20 million and petrol stations that sign up for the offer are expected to be connected by the first half of 2005.

* The ADSL solution, which will be called Telia Retailnet, will provide four connections through the existing telephone jack at stations. Each connection utilises its own channel in the phone line and all four connections can be utilised simultaneously. This four-channel arrangement allows an open channel at all times for credit card payments, even when personnel at the petrol stations are connected to their e-mail service, or are handling online purchases at another e-commerce site.

Petrol stations with ISDN connections will use two separate channels, of which one is a priority channel for card transactions.

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