TeliaSonera Denmark offers flatrate telephony to companies

Close, ongoing dialogue with business customers revealed a desire for a fixed flat-rate telephony service, and for this reason TeliaSonera Denmark decided to launch Telia Flatrate DK. In June 2004, TeliaSonera Denmark carried out a major survey that showed that corporate businesses were extremely interested in fixed, flat-rate telephony. TeliaSonera Denmark has now developed Telia Flatrate DK in response to this need.

“Today, we are the only provider offering fixed, flat-rate telephony to the Danish business community. We spend a lot of time and energy on ongoing customer dialogue in order to develop new products tailored to their changing needs. What makes the product particularly attractive to companies is that they receive a telephone bill that is easy to read and where they know in advance how much they will be paying,” explains Peter Bredgaard, managing director of Telia Networks, TeliaSonera Denmark.
TeliaSonera Denmark’s survey shows that the majority of Danish companies demand greater predictability in their telephone expenditure. Telia Flatrate DK has been expressly developed to facilitate payment and budgeting.

Telia Flatrate offers customers fixed telephony for as little as DKK 169 a month, allowing them to make as many calls as they wish to other landline phones 24 hours a day at a cost of DKK 0 per minute and with no dial-up charge. If customers talk on the phone for 60 minutes without interruption, they pay 10 øre per minute for the portion of the call that is over 60 minutes.

TeliaSonera Denmark’s products have been developed with flexibility in mind so they can cater to the individual needs of companies. An example of this is that Telia Flatrate DK can be combined with another product called “Unlimited Colleague Calls” enabling customers to make flat-rate calls to any landline phone or colleague’s mobile phone.
With the introduction of Telia Flatrate DK, TeliaSonera is once again the first telecommunications company to provide an innovative flat-rate telephony solution to the Danish market. In Denmark, TeliaSonera already provides a range of flat-rate telephony products such as Telia Unlimited, Telia Fritid, Colleague Call, and Flatrate for broadband.
For further information journalists can contact:
Managing Director Peter Bredgaard, Telia Networks, TeliaSonera Denmark, +45 28 27 52 72
Communications Manager Robert Neimanas, TeliaSonera Denmark, +45 28 27 51 82

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