Newsletter; TeliaSonera contributes to disaster aid

Victims of the disaster in Asia need different types of help. TeliaSonera is doing its part by setting up and simplifying communications and by providing financial aid. “TeliaSonera’s help to the disaster areas consists of several parts: each company in the group is offering services, such as free mobile service to and from the affected areas. To the Red Cross SEK 500 000 will be donated and money is also being donated for reconstruction in Sri Lanka through the co-owned Suntel company,” says Terje Christoffersen, head of Marketing, Products and Services.

On Tuesday, TeliaSonera decided, like many other operators, that all forms of mobile services to and from the affected areas would be free on the whole. The decision was implemented in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden as quickly as technically possible to simplify contacts between relatives and their loved ones in Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka.

By expanding cooperation between other operators on Monday, capacity to and from the disaster areas was increased and alternative routes for telecom traffic were created.

TeliaSonera has donated satellite phones in both Sweden and Finland for use in the disaster areas where the local networks have been damaged and in areas affected by radio shadows.

On the initiativ of TeliaSonera Finland the authorities have started to localize mobile phone owners in the disaster areas. TeliaSonera Finland and other operators help in this work and use the name lists from the travel agencies in there work. TeliaSonera is cooperating with the Ministries of Foreign Affaires, the police, and other authorities in Sweden and Finland to send mass text messages to all customers in the affected areas. The text message encourages users to contact the ministries or the local embassy and information about evacuations.

In Sweden, TeliaSonera has expanded the switchboard capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Affaires.

Telia Mobile in Denmark cooperates with the Red Cross and supply them with some communication equipment in some of the damaged areas. “Our mission in this type of situation is to support the community and simplify use of our services,” says Leif Abrahamsson from Corporate Security.

Humanitarian aid

In addition to technical support, Norwegian NetCom has decided to donate NOK 500,000 to SOS Children’s Villages in the disaster areas. Fortunately, no SOS children or villages have been damaged by the tsunamis so the aid will help children orphaned by the disaster at an SOS children’s village.

In Sweden, TeliaSonera is working with the Red Cross and TV4 and provide them with free services to facilite their work. “In addition to the support we give via the activities that have already started, TeliaSonera will also donate SEK 500 000 to the Red Cross,” says Terje Christoffersen.

TeliaSonera divisions are also preparing to help any employees, relatives, or colleagues who have been affected by the disaster.

Help for reconstruction

Large parts of society were affected by the tsunamis that swept across these countries. On Sri Lanka TeliaSonera partly owns the operator Suntel. “Through Suntel, TeliaSonera will donate to a new fund, initiated by Suntel, for reconstruction of the country,” says Terje Christoffersen.