Sonera provides ICT services to five municipalities and two towns adjacent to Tampere

The municipalities of Hämeenkyrö, Kangasala, Lempäälä, Pirkkala and Vesilahti and the towns of Nokia and Ylöjärvi intensify their co-operation in ICT services. They have signed an agreement with TeliaSonera Finland Oyj on the provision of basic IT services. The agreement, based on tendering, is the first step in the co-operation of the municipalities that was launched at the beginning of this year and yielded a co-operation agreement on information technology and on support services based on ICT.

Under the agreement, Sonera undertakes to gradually provide the municipalities with an extensive service entity comprising basic ICT services for the municipalities’ workstations and local area networks and centralization of their servers in Sonera’s server shelter located at Pyynikki, Tampere, for example. The agreement also covers educational services for improving users’ basic ICT competence. In addition, on February 1, 2005, Sonera provides the town of Nokia and the municipality of Pirkkala with joint high-speed Internet access and firewall services, and with e-mail, remote-access and information-security services.

Sonera provides all of the above as a hosted service and invoices the municipalities by collecting a fixed, monthly service charge based on the number of workstations. This invoicing method facilitates the operation of the municipalities in many ways as regards budgeting and scalability of information and communications technology, for example. Uniform basic ICT services in the municipalities also enhance cost-efficiency and enable joint development programmes to revamp the municipalities’ ways of operating.

Nokia and Pirkkala have already been using the hosted service for some time. For the other municipalities signing the agreement this is a new way of operating, and it will be adopted gradually.

”We had recognized the need for co-operation in basic ICT matters in the municipalities already earlier. Our earlier programmes, however, had been foundered because of technical problems. The municipalities have used so specific information technologies that it has seemed difficult to combine the systems. Now that we’ll have a sufficiently uniform basis, we can gradually switch over to using uniform applications and services as well. Our expectations in the municipalities extend long into the future,” says Alpo Kari, Financial Director of the town of Nokia.

”We at Sonera are pleased to have these seven neighbouring municipalities around Tampere as our customers. This agreement is both challenging and important to us. Sonera is engaged in long-term co-operation with the municipalities. We believe the agreement ensures an advanced and interoperable ICT entity for the municipalities of the Tampere region, enabling high-quality service chains crossing the boundaries of the municipal organizations,” says Senior Vice President Tommi Kolehmainen of TeliaSonera Finland.

Further information: Municipalities adjacent to Tampere: Financial Director Alpo Karila, town of Nokia; tel. +358 40 779 9002; e-mail:

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj, Sales Director Harri Viljanen; tel. +358 403 022533; e-mail: