Sonera Theme Music replaces the ringback tone with music

Sonera is the first in Finland to launch a service that offers a range of different ringback tones. The Sonera Theme Music service allows the user to personalize his or her phone in a way that delights those who call him or her. Instead of the standard ringback tone (“toot”), a friend calling the subscriber’s number hears music selected specifically for him or her.

The Theme Music service comprises nearly 50 tunes of different types, and the selection is growing. You can select tunes with a specific meaning to yourself and the callers, for example, as ringback tones. Not only can you select different tunes for friends, fellow workers and family members: you can also select Christmas carols before Christmas and summer hits at the summer season, for example. All tunes acquired from the Theme Music service are automatically saved in the tone library, from where they can be easily retrieved and used again.

Sonera Theme Music comprises 20 caller groups, and every group may have a maximum of 30 fixed-line telephone or mobile phone customers. Theme Music is played only when a number belonging to a caller group is calling; all other callers hear the standard ringback tone. All callers hear the music the same way, no matter what kind of phone the caller has. In addition to the music, the caller also hears the standard ringback tone on the background as an indication that the call attempt has been successful and the call is waiting to be replied.

“Services similar to Sonera Theme Music have been very popular elsewhere, and we believe they will also be well received in Finland. We’ll open the service for content and service providers just like we’ve opened ring melodies. In this way we can make a versatile and up-to-date selection of music available to our customers,” says Vice President Pasi Mehtonen of TeliaSonera Finland.

Sonera Theme Music is available to all Sonera mobile phone customers (except for Sonera Easy subscribers). The monthly charge for the service is 1.90 euros a month. The ringback tones that can be bought from the service have been priced separately. You can activate the Sonera Theme Music service on the Internet at the address > Mobiili > Kuvat ja äänet. On the service’s web site, you can also buy music and create and edit caller groups. In the service, you can also send a toll-free text message to inform the people in your caller groups that you – the subscriber of the service – have selected a special ringback tone for them.

For further information, please contact:

Pasi Mehtonen, Vice President, Mobile Services, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Tel. +358 2040 54513