Sonera to deliver a large comprehensive solution to CR-Keskus Oy, a contact center company

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj and CR-Keskus Oy, a customer service centre situated in the town of Kajaani and operating all over the country, have signed an agreement on the delivery of a large comprehensive solution as a monthly chargeable service for the use of CR-Keskus. The solution supports the decentralised operations model and the development of the operations of CR-Keskus in a way that the company will be able to respond quickly and flexibly to the challenges set by the continuous growth. CR-Keskus serves customers representing for example the insurance, financing, investment, operator and pharmaceutical sectors and the public sector.

The comprehensive solution to be delivered by Sonera comprises for example a large DataNet data network solution, a VoIP voice solution, Internet connections, information security, connections to the public telecommunications network, a CID reachability solution, invoicing and reporting services, and the Sonera Contact Center service, which is an intelligent, anticipatory multi-channel call directing and reporting system. At the introduction stage, the system will include 350 working points.

The intensely growing CR-Keskus is a multi-channel customer service centre that has built its three service concepts to respond to the different service needs of its customers:
The basic concept comprises the Contact Center system into which already four external customer service centres have been integrated now at the introduction stage. For the use of these centres, CR-Keskus produces, as the basic level of the concept, the contact center production equipment and the network services. In accordance with its next level of the service concept, CR-Keskus provides, in addition to the above, also the customer service personnel that operates inside the customer's organisation. The third level of the concept means complete outsourcing: in its own customer service centre, CR-Keskus supplies the customer's whole customer service or an agreed part of it. CR-Keskus has already 160 employees to produce these services. Their number has been trebled within a year.

”There is an intense structural change going on in the production of private and public customer service. In customer service one shifts more and more from the customer service desk to electronic services that are produced in a multi-channel service centre. In many quarters, organisations are indeed thinking about what would be expedient to do oneself and what could be bought from outside. Together with Sonera, we have now implemented a solution that provides the solutions for the customers' requiring and quickly changing needs”, says managing director Heikki Karhunen of CR-Keskus Oy.

”Sonera's comprehensive solution enables a flexible and decentralised operations model. The maintenance of the system and the development of the services have been focused into one point. Expansion and growth, by contrast, always take place where there is a need. As an example of this, CR-Keskus itself opened a new office in Vaasa, because we need more personnel with two fluent languages, Finnish and Swedish. In addition, we are actively mapping other opportunities, too”, says Heikki Karhunen.

”Our customer relationship with CR-Keskus Oy is very important for us. We at Sonera are happy to have this demanding and challenging agreement in the strongly developing market of customer services and to realize that, along with the agreement, we are strengthening our visibility particularly in Kajaani. Sonera, operating all over the country, is already now also an important local player as well in Kajaani as in the whole of Kainuu. As partners, CR-Keskus and Sonera create new job opportunities for Kajaani. New technology brings work to people. Our agreement with CR-Keskus, covering many years, enables a period for continuous joint developments and also supports the implementation of the strategy and targets of CR-Keskus, says Vice President Hannu Heikka of TeliaSonera Finland Oy.

For more information, please contact:

CR-Keskus Oy
Managing Director Heikki Karhunen
Mobile phone: 0400 401190

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Vice President Hannu Heikka
Mobile phone: 0403 022391