Telia reduces prices for mobile data traffic

Telia customers can now work and surf wirelessly at lower cost. Prices have been cut by 50 percent for most types of mobile data traffic users, thanks to the introduction of four new fixed monthly rates that give subscribers a certain volume of data per month.

The fixed monthly rates, valid as of December 1, reduce the price of mobile data traffic, compared with the variable rate that Telia previously charged for mobile data. The four fixed monthly volumes that are now being introduced are clearly designed to meet the requirements of different mobile data users, making it easy for customers to select the monthly data volume that best suits their particular needs. The four user categories are: Telia Go Surfer (3 MB), frequent users of e-mail service on mobile phones (10 MB), and two versions for telecommuters who often connect their computers from time to time through wireless connections (150 MB and 450 MB).

The new fixed monthly rates are SEK 30 for 3 MB of data traffic (previously SEK 60), corresponding to about three hours of news browsing through Telia Go (each additional MB costs SEK 10); SEK 75 for 10 MB (SEK 7.50 for each additional MB); SEK 300 for 50 MB (SEK 6 for each additional MB); SEK 600 for 150 MB (SEK 4 for each additional MB), and SEK 720 for 450 MB (SEK 2 for each additional MB). A user with a portable computer connected 60 minutes, during which time he reads and sends e-mail and retrieves, reads and save documents, uses approximately 5 MB/hour.

Telia customers who have one of Telia’s subscriptions for mobile telephony can subscribe to any of the monthly rate variants, with the exception of the SEK 450 MB rate, which is reserved for customers with a Telia Connect data subscription.

In connection with the introduction of the new rates, Telia is also extending its campaign offering of SEK 598 a month (excluding 25% VAT) for the Telia Connect package, which consists of a 3G PC card, software, subscription and data traffic corresponding to 1,000 MB. This offer is valid until March 31, 2005.

Telia will continue to offer customers a variable rate of SEK 20/MB for mobile data traffic.

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All prices are excluding 25% VAT, unless specified otherwise. Subscription fees are not included. The fixed monthly rates are not available to Telia’s prepaid card customers (Telia Refill), who have a variable rate of SEK 20/MB for mobile data traffic.