Telia reduces rates for mobile broadband

Telia is reducing the rates for the Telia HomeRun mobile broadband service by up to 40 percent. With the new reduced prices, subscribers will be able to surf wirelessly at speeds up to 11 Mbit/s for a flat rate of SEK 800 per month at 800 hot spots in the Nordic countries.

Both the monthly fee and minute rate are being reduced for Telia HomeRun today. The monthly fee (Flat Rate) for Telia Homerun is being reduced from SEK 1,395 to SEK 800. The flat monthly rate for the basic subscription (Base) is also being lowered from SEK 40 to SEK 30 and the minute rate from SEK 2.00 to SEK 1.60.

In addition, Base subscribers now have the possibility to select a 24-hour connection (Base 24) at the fixed rate of SEK 96/day. Base 24 is a good alternative for subscribers who occasionally need to be connected for a longer period of time. Base 24 is easily ordered in connection with the logon procedure for Telia HomeRun.

Telia HomeRun mobile broadband is available at more than 800 hot spots in the Nordic countries, of which 475 in Sweden. Through roaming agreements, Telia HomeRun subscribers also have access to another 10,000 hot spots in Europe.
All prices noted above do not include 25% V.A.T.