Telia signs broadband agreement with Mälarenergi

TeliaSonera Sweden has signed an agreement with Mälarenergi Stadsnät AB to provide Telia’s broadband services to households in Västerås through Mälarenergi’s municipal core network. Households will be offered the service Telia Broadband Municipal Core Network (Telia Bredband Stadsnät) with speeds up to 10 Mbit/s. Sales are scheduled to commence during December this year.

The agreement initially covers the provision of services to approximately 9,000 apartments and home owners in Västerås and will be gradually expanded to cover about 30,000 households.

“We consider this agreement – to be a service provider in the broadband networks of other operators – as an important complement to our other broadband services,” says Indra Åsander, head of the Consumer Segment at TeliaSonera Sweden. “Being a service provider in a municipal core network is one of our future businesses. We must cater to the requirements and needs of our customers, and these customers are also found in municipal core networks.”

The one-time connection fee will be SEK 495. The monthly rate will be SEK 195 for customers who have a telephone subscription with Telia and SEK 225 a month for other customers. The Telia Broadband Municipal Core Network service (Telia Bredband Stadsnät), based on fibre optics and LAN technology, has the same speed – up to 10 Mbit/s – both upstream and downstream. Each subscription includes five e-mail boxes and e-mail addresses, each with 5 MB capacity, and five personal homepages, each with 10 MB capacity.

TeliaSonera Sweden has previously signed similar agreements with Luleå Energi and the housing companies MKB in Malmö and Svenska Bostäder in Vällingby, outside Stockholm.