TeliaSonera increases Eesti Telekom holding above 50 percent and consolidates the company

Following today’s share purchase in Eesti Telekom, TeliaSonera’s ownership in Eesti Telekom will exceed 50 percent, enabling TeliaSonera to consolidate the company. Exceeding the 50 percent threshold requires TeliaSonera to make a mandatory public offer for remaining shares in Eesti Telekom.

TeliaSonera has today in a transaction acquired 100 shares in Eesti Telekom for EUR 7.02 (EEK 109.84) per share, which will increase TeliaSonera’s ownership in Eesti Telekom to slightly above 50 percent. As a result of TeliaSonera’s ownership exceeding 50 per cent, TeliaSonera will consolidate Eesti Telekom. TeliaSonera is expected to consolidate Eesti Telekom as of December 28, when the formal ownership of the shares acquired today is registered.

“Consolidating Eesti Telekom is an important step in pursuing our strategy to strengthen TeliaSonera as the leading telecom operator in the Nordic and Baltic region,” TeliaSonera’s CEO Anders Igel stated.

Upon exceeding the 50 percent threshold, TeliaSonera will launch a mandatory public offer for all Eesti Telekom shares in accordance with the Securities Market Act of Estonia. TeliaSonera offers EUR 7.02 in cash for each share, which is the same per share price paid by TeliaSonera in today’s purchase. The price is conditional upon approval by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (FSA). The offer value of the shares not already owned by TeliaSonera (49.99 percent) is EEK 7.576 million (EUR 484 million).

Following approval by FSA, notice and prospectus detailing the mandatory offer will be published. The printed prospectus will be made available at the Hansapank main branch at Liivalaia 8, Tallinn, Estonia.

The acceptance period for the mandatory offer begins on the date when the prospectus is published and will last for 42 days. FSA will be notified of TeliaSonera’s mandatory public offer on December 28, when TeliaSonera’s increased ownership in Eesti Telekom will be registered. FSA shall have to make a decision regarding the approval of the prospectus and offer price within 15 days.

The shares of Eesti Telekom are listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange (HEX:ETLAT) and global depository receipts (GDRs) representing the shares of Eesti Telekom are admitted to the official list of the United Kingdom Listing Authority and to trading on the London Stock Exchange.

AS Eesti Telekom and subsidiary companies

9 months 2004 9 months 2003 2003 2002
or 30 Sept or 30 Sept
2004 2003

Net sales 2,205 2,034 2,763 2,619
(SEK million)

EBITDA (SEK 945 963 1,215 1,224

EBIT (SEK 585 576 711 648

CAPEX (SEK 171 180 324 360

Mobile 557 464 492 428
EMT (000)

Main lines 427 446 445 465
Elion (000)

Internet 68 51 57
Elion (000)

Exchange rates: 1 EUR = 9.00 SEK

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