TeliaSonera International Carrier launches Voice and IP over Ethernet

Today TeliaSonera International Carrier began the commercial trials for TeliaSonera Voice & IP over Ethernet, an innovative new service that enables the transport of both Voice and IP traffic over a single Ethernet platform. In doing so, TeliaSonera International Carrier is the first carrier in Europe to provide such a service.

TeliaSonera Voice & IP over Ethernet enables all the advantages of Ethernet technology to be applied to both Voice and IP services. The service enables wholesale customers to purchase their Voice and IP services from TeliaSonera International Carrier with the same functionality, security and quality guarantees as they have today, but with the added benefits of scalability, significantly reduced cost and reduced administration.

TeliaSonera International Carrier delivers TeliaSonera Voice & IP over Ethernet globally over its wholly owned network.
“We are proud to be the first carrier in Europe to introduce this innovative solution to the market”, says Anders Ericsson, Head of Product Management at TeliaSonera International Carrier. “This service enables our customers to grow their revenues for Voice and IP and also to explore new business opportunities with increased efficiency.”

About TeliaSonera Voice & IP over Ethernet
By using TeliaSonera International Carrier’s fully MPLS enabled global IP network, this interconnect solution provides physical Ethernet ports at the edge of the network over which multiple virtual ports for any wholesale Voice or IP products can be easily and efficiently aggregated. There is no need to use separate SDH links for Voice services and other connections for IP services. With TeliaSonera Voice & IP over Ethernet, international Voice traffic is transported securely via Ethernet at the edge, and MPLS in the core of the IP Network, to TeliaSonera International Carrier’s Voice Media Gateways. Additional Ethernet/MPLS virtual connections allow either Global IP Transit or Layer 2 MPLS (TeliaSonera L2Connect) services to be delivered via the same link..

About TeliaSonera International Carrier
TeliaSonera International Carrier provides wholesale international IP, Capacity and Voice services to major destinations in Europe and across the Atlantic. The services are based on TeliaSonera International Carrier’s wholly owned European and trans-Atlantic networks. As well as owning one of the largest network footprints in Europe, TeliaSonera International Carrier also has peering points in the US. TeliaSonera International Carrier is the leading carrier of IP and Voice traffic in Europe. TeliaSonera International Carrier is a company fully owned by the TeliaSonera Group. Visit

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