Co-operation between TeliaSonera Finland and Securitas expands to IT services

TeliaSonera Finland and Securitas companies in Finland have signed an agreement by which the long-standing co-operation between TeliaSonera Finland and Securitas in data and voice communication services will be expanded to IT services. According to the agreement, TeliaSonera Finland will assume responsibility for the whole workstation environment of Securitas Oy, Securitas Tekniikka Oy and Securitas Arvokuljetus Oy - the management and maintenance of the workstations and associated peripherals - and provide comprehensive support services for end users. The agreement period is three years, and the agreement comprises the maintenance of 650 workstations and the equipment purchases needed. The value of the agreement is kept confidential.
The service aims to ensure the operation and better usability of the workstations and applications, and to develop the systems to provide better support for the business. According to the agreement, end users will be served by a single customer service point. This makes it easier to maintain the service level, as potential problem and fault situations can be attended to in a centralized manner.
"TeliaSonera is our long-standing partner in communication and voice services, a partner we trust. It feels natural to expand the co-operation to IT services: we'll have a supplier that can generate cost benefit through concentration and provide comprehensive solutions that advance business," comments Securitas.
"I'm very pleased Securitas selected us to be their partner in IT services as well. We have worked persistently to develop our service offering toward comprehensive solutions, where we combine our diverse expertise in voice and data communication and IT to provide an entity that serves the customer in the best possible way", says Esa Korvenmaa, Senior Vice President responsible for large corporate customers at TeliaSonera Finland.
Tarja Laurikainen, Key Account Manager, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Tel. +358 (0)400 421833
Juhani Jantunen, Sales Director, TeliaSonera Finland
Tel. +358-40-7773813
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