E-mail and Internet rank at the top when companies choose 3G services

E-mail and Internet rank at the top when companies choose 3G services

The possibility to use e-mail and connect to the Internet and corporate
intranet are ranked at the top when companies choose their preferred 3G
services. It is important that services are user-friendly, that they
work smoothly without disruption, and that they make work easier for
employees. However, other 3G features like video call and the
possibility to send pictures and audio files still seem to be less
attractive to enterprises. These are some of the findings from a survey
on 3G services that Telia commissioned recently.

70 percent of the people in the survey stated that it was important to
be able to connect to the Internet and the company's intranet. A high
percentage, 89 percent, thought that e-mail was the most important 3G
service. Video calls were still only interesting to one out of 10
company managers and, for the time being, two out of 10 said that
sending pictures and audio files was essential for their particular
business or operations.

When it comes to choosing a 3G service provider, professional personnel,
service and technical know-how were the most criteria for Swedish

"We believe a lot in the new communications potential of 3G, not least
for the enterprise market. That's why it is pleasing to see that so many
companies are already seeing the potential benefits of 3G today," says
Marie Ehrling head of TeliaSonera Sweden. The apparent weak interest in
video calls can be explained primarily by the fact that it is difficult
to build an opinion about a service, or become interested in it, when
you have yet to try it.

The company Netsurvey carried out the survey for Telia's account during
the month of January 2004. More than 300 company managers participated
in the survey who work at companies in different parts of Sweden.

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