Joakim Isaksson is Sonera Best Developer 2003

The Sonera Best Developer 2003 competition was won by Joakim Isaksson from TietoEnator with his inventive FreeDraw drawing programme. The customers and the competition jury assessed 28 novel and interesting services.
In autumn 2003, TeliaSonera Finland arranged for the application developers of mobile phone services an open competition, in which inspiring Java and Symbian applications were sought. A total of 28 application developers registered for the competition, and their competition works were also tested and assessed by Sonera's mobile phone customers.
TietoEnator Oyj won the competition with Joakim Isaksson's FreeDraw drawing programme. The winning application makes it possible to edit and resave pictures that are in the telephone's picture directory. After having been saved, the pictures can also be sent as multimedia message. FreeDraw was also the most downloaded application of the competition.
"The competition jury regarded the application as easy to use and as a quality implementation. The jury predicted that this type of funny applications would encourage the public to use MMS phones and services in a more versatile way. In addition, FreeDraw was one of the favourites of the customers who gave feedback", tells Director Juhani Kivikangas of TeliaSonera Finland.
The jury of the competition consisted of TeliaSonera Finland's and Nokia's experts. When assessing the competition works, the jury estimated for instance the originality, implementation and availability of a competition work, and its adaptability for the purpose. In addition, the numbers of downloads and the feedback given by the customers had an impact on the assessment.
"We are really satisfied, because the enthusiasm of both application developers and customers for participation exceeded our expectations. During the testing period of two months, the customers downloaded competition works to their phones almost 20,000 times. The positive reception of the competition encouraged us to arrange during this spring a new mobile service competition with the theme of the information and consulting and ordering services", Kivikangas continues.
In addition to the main prize, other innovative works were rewarded in the competition. The most spectacular application prize was awarded to 3D Arts' finished Aquarium screen saver and FlyerOne's Guitar Tuner, a guitar tuner that operates via the telephone, was elected as the most original application. The guitar tuner was also the customers' favourite. Lennart Takanen's Pain Guns, an action game that also operates as a web game, was elected as the best game.
Forum Nokia, the cooperation partner of the competition, additionally rewarded the Pocket League Elephantica game, developed by Universomo, in which the player can challenge two friends to a multiple game at the same time on the same mobile phone.
The Sonera Best Developer 2003 competition culminated in a gala, in which the winners were rewarded. The winner's awards include a trip to Cannes to the 3GSM World Congress 04 event in February 2004. A new Nokia N-Gage game phone was allotted between those who had voted the competition works.
Director Juhani Kivikangas, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Tel. 040 5561228
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