New operating territories to Sonera HomeRun service outside Finland

TeliaSonera Finland has signed a roaming agreement on new Sonera HomeRun service areas with Kubi Wireless, Metronet, BT OpenZone and Elion. As a result of the signed roaming agreements, there are already about 3000 Sonera HomeRun service areas now in Europe. Sonera HomeRun is a fast LAN connection enabling wireless access to the Internet and e-mail, for instance. Use of the service abroad costs the same as the use of the HomeRun service in Finland.
The roaming agreement that has now been signed expands the operating territory of the Sonera HomeRun customers, for instance, to Spain, Ireland, Austria, Great Britain and Estonia. The roaming agreement means that the customers of both parties to the agreement have the use of the other party's network.
"The aim of the roaming is to offer the same, good-quality wireless broadband service to our customers also abroad. In this way our customers can even better utilize their WLAN connection and increase the added value the service provides. Sonera HomeRun tries to make a largest coverage area possible to its customers also in the future" says TeliaSonera Finland's product manager Tommi Mattila.
By means of the fast Internet access enabled by Sonera HomeRun, business matters can be promptly be taken care of, for example, in the airport, in a conference center, in a hotel room or on the meeting premises or lobbies of the companies that have the Sonera HomeRun Corporate Service Area in their use. Sonera HomeRun service is in use abroad also in the Telia HomeRun service areas in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and in many international airports elsewhere in Europe and the United States.
Tommi Mattila
tel. +358 403022077
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