Telia Sonera Denmark increases its broadband customer base

TeliaSonera Denmark's cable TV and broadband company, Telia Stofa, has increased sales of broadband via cable TV in 2003, and according to Ole Simonsen the company's managing director, broadband will eventually have a place in almost every home.
Telia Stofa has performed remarkably well in the broadband market in 2003. According to the half yearly report published today by the Danish National IT and Telecom Agency, Telia Stofa had 104,000 StofaNet broadband customers at the close of 2003. This represents an increase of 28% in relation to the number of customers at the close of 2002.
This growth in broadband customers has helped Telia Stofa to consolidate its position as the second largest broadband provider in Denmark.
"I'm delighted with our growth rate in 2003. For me, this confirms that StofaNet is a highly attractive and competitive broadband product, underscored by the fact that we deliver StofaNet to roughly every third potential household in our supply areas," says Ole Simonsen.
Generally speaking, Ole Simonsen fully expects to see an explosion in the number of broadband users in Denmark in the coming years. And at an even faster rate than he had anticipated, until now. "The way I see it, broadband will become a common household product in much the same way as ordinary Internet access is today. In my opinion, broadband growth rates for Denmark clearly suggest that Danish families will really embrace broadband in the coming years.
"What we're experiencing at Telia Stofa is that an increasing number of antenna and housing association members are asking for broadband. They want a fast Internet connection for mail, finding information, downloading music and high-quality visual images - all without that irritating wait. The same goes for Internet users in general, so it stands to reason that the development of broadband will snowball," says Ole Simonsen.
Telia Stofa is currently offering broadband installation at DKK 99, saving customers DKK 500 on the normal installation charge. Customers can choose between two subscriptions: FlexRate from 50 DKK per month or FlatRate from 299 DKK per month.
Managing Director Ole Simonsen, Telia Stofa A/S, TeliaSonera Denmark. Tel. + 45 28 27 05 21
Communications Manager Robert Neimanas, TeliaSonera Denmark.
Tel. + 45 28 27 51 82
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