TeliaSonera Finland is building Finnish information society at a high speed - the number of broadband subscriptions grew

The number of TeliaSonera Finland's broadband subscriptions grew by 83% from the previous year, being 150,000 at the turn of the year. TeliaSonera Finland continues to be the market leader in both consumer and business broadband; broadband access is now available in over 300 municipalities. TeliaSoneran Finland's Village Broadband concept, completed at the beginning of 2003, has also proved its strength. Nearly 140 municipalities have either signed an agreement on Village Broadband or are processing TeliaSonera*s offer.
The Village Broadband agreement that TeliaSonera Finland offers to municipalities and federations of municipalities greatly improves communications and livens up the municipality. The households, recreational cottages, companies and schools in villages located in scarcely-populated areas step up to the same starting line as densely-populated areas in respect of broadband availability. As a fixed-price, always-on broadband network is extended to scarcely-populated areas, the equality between the inhabitants of the municipality is improved.
According to the Village Broadband concept, the municipality and TeliaSonera Finland work together: TeliaSonera builds the connections and the municipality provides partial funding, possibly acquiring support from public sources, such as the EU.
"The wishes expressed by the inhabitants and the business sector are in a central role when a municipality proposes that broadband access should also be extended to scarcely-populated areas," says Vice President Petri Lahtinen of TeliaSonera Finland Oyj. "This is also a major improvement in the services provided to the inhabitants, companies and schools in the municipality. Broadband access opens new opportunities for web-based business to people in scarcely-populated areas. It also makes it increasing more safe for elderly people to live at home."
"The utilization of the Internet is increasing continuously. Email is used to keep up contacts, and the utilization of public services in on the increase. Broadband access provides Internet users with at least four times quicker access than traditional modem and ISDN connections. For heavy Internet users, the fixed-price broadband also means major savings," says Petri Lahtinen.
Fast access is also a prerequisite for successful telework. For small companies and farmers, in turn, broadband access provides an opportunity to develop their operations and operations environment and to conduct transactions on the web. Fast access is needed in particular when large files or video are to be transmitted.
Broadband services are on high demand. Expanding availability is an important issue in respect of national broadband strategy. A market-based, technologically flexible approach, competitive markets and the gradually falling costs of ADSL technology make further expansion possible. From the operator's point of view, a decision to expand is always based on an evaluation of overall economic efficiency. The Village Broadband operations model has proved to be a successful way of introducing broadband services to scarcely-populated areas.
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