Skanova broadband for Municipality of Tingsryd in April

On April 2, the residents of the Municipality of Tingsryd, in the south of Sweden, will gain access to broadband. TeliaSonera was contracted by the municipality to build an operator-independent network covering the entire municipality and connecting the majority of residents. Households in the municipality will have broadband connections with speeds up to 8 Mbit/s.
The broadband network will have a penetration of 79 percent for households and 87 percent for companies in the municipality. The build-out is being financed with state funds, municipal co-financing, EU funding (Goal 2 South) and by suppliers. The network will be placed in operation two months ahead of the contracted date.
The network covers the communities of Tingsryd, Ryd, Väckelsång, Urshult, Linneryd, Konga, Rävemåla, Fridafors, Älmeboda, Yxnanäs, Dångebo, Hensmåla and Kvarnamåla, and telecom switching centres in Trällebo, Hallaslätt, Sjöryd, Illareboda, Ålshult and Djuramåla. Switching centres in these communities will be upgraded for ADSL, which utilizes the existing telephone network and can also be interconnected by means of a fibre-optic network or radio links with transmission speeds up to 1 Gbit/s.
"We're pleased that so many companies and residents will have broadband connections. The build-out of a broadband network has been a key issue for our municipality. Fast communications over the Internet is important whether you live in a densely populated area or rural area," says Marie-Louise Hilmersson, a commissioner for the Municipality of Tingsryd.
Depending on their choice of broadband provider, all households and companies located within a link distance of 3.5 km from an upgraded switching centre can get broadband with speeds up to 8 Mbit/s. Those located within 5.5 km from a switching centre can have broadband with speeds up to 0.5 Mbit/s. As of May 2004, those located as far as 9 km from a switch can also get broadband connections. Households and companies are free to choose one of the 12 ADSL operators that use Skanova's network to provide broadband service.
"Using ADSL technology, we can link newly built fibre optic networks to the existing telephone network and offer municipalities a fast and cost-effective broadband build-out with a very high penetration, even in rural areas," says Susanne Jacobsson, head of TeliaSonera Network Sales.
During the past year Skanova networks have been delivered to a large number of municipalities and counties in Sweden with long distances between densely populated areas and rural areas. These include Osby, Mörbylånga and Markaryd in the southwest; Norrköping, Söderköping and Valdemarsvik in Östergötland in south central Sweden; and Örebro and Kalmar counties in the southeast.
Charlotte Löfgren, Press Manager, TeliaSonera Networks & Production, + 46 8 713 58 30
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