Sonera Plaza - gateway to services on the mobile phone and the Internet

As from March 10, 2004, the content services offered by TeliaSonera Finland will be found on the mobile phone under the name of Sonera Plaza, already familiar from the Internet. The most diverse service menu in Finland comprises dozens of colour services classified by the subject matter, and many of them are available for use at the price of only data transfer. The data transfer pricing has been updated as from March 1, 2004 to comply with different usage needs.
The Sonera Plaza service entity replaces the currently used Sonera Colour concept. Within the past year, the number of services available to customers has increased by over 50 new services. All in all, the service menu is a gateway to hundreds of services, and nearly a hundred of them are colour services utilizing new technology. In addition to the already familiar news, weather and financial information, diverse on-line sports services, for example, are provided: up-to-date results from football, ice-hockey and baseball matches and from trotting races are available almost as quickly as on the text television. People on the move will also appreciate the restaurant guide service, for example, which contains the contact information, opening hours and menus of 2,500 restaurants. Downloadable applications include, for example, pre-listening and ordering of ring tones with the mobile phone and an application by which you can turn your mobile phone into a remote controller. During the spring, plenty of new services will be introduced into the Sonera Plaza menu.
"Our content service offering has expanded greatly and now covers almost the entire Sonera Plaza service offering familiar from the Internet. It is natural to talk about the content services by the same name regardless of whether they are used with the mobile phone or via the Internet. Our service entity is unique in Finland, and our customers have noticed this. The number of users has increased greatly over the past year. The popular Finnish Ice Hockey League Results service, for example, has tens of thousands of users on average," says Senior Vice President Janne Vainio of TeliaSonera Finland.
The services on the service menu can be used by all Sonera customers. A prerequisite for the use is that toll-free settings are retrieved to the mobile phone. The best service experience can be obtained with a colour-display mobile phone, but most services can also be used with a black-and-white WAP phone. Many of the services are subject only to a data transfer charge.
As the use of services and data transfer is on the increase, the data transfer (GPRS) pricing has been updated to comply with different usage needs. All Sonera customers automatically have at their disposal - after retrieving the settings via text message - Sonera Fun Data (earlier a GPRS basic feature), which allows them to try out various services. Alternatively, they can opt for Sonera Active Data or Sonera Pro Data, which are subject to a monthly charge that contains 20 or 100 MB of data transfer, respectively. These services include a feature that informs the user by SMS when 80% of the data transfer included in the monthly charge has been used. The Fun Data users can check their data transfer balance at any time by sending the text message GSALDO to number 15400.
"With our new pricing model, we want in particular to lower the barrier of trying out new services. That's why we have dropped the data transfer charges of Sonera Fun Data, a GPRS basic feature automatically included in Sonera mobile subscriptions. For regular service use, we recommend our services with monthly charges, which are more cost-effective in the long run. For example, 20 MB allows you to read or send over 600 email messages or watch video for over two hours," says Vainio.
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Senior Vice President Janne Vainio
Tel. +358 400 400171
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