Telia, Microsoft and HP launch new mobile package for companies

Telia, Microsoft and HP launch new mobile package for companies

Starting tomorrow (March 17), it will be simpler for small companies in
Sweden to enjoy the benefits of the "mobile office". In a unique
cooperative venture, Telia, Microsoft and HP have developed a complete
solution that will make it easier for companies to start working on the

The big news is that the three are offering a mobile package for
companies that includes everything from computers and mobile phones, to
installation and training.

A complete package like this is a brand new concept, since the services
companies usually have to pay extra for, such as installation, user
training and support, are all included. In the new packaged solution,
customers only need to call a single support unit, whether for a
computer or mobile handset, or for software or hardware. All
installations are made at the same time and everything can be purchased
in a retail outlet from specially trained personnel.

All of this is possible through the collaboration of Telia, Microsoft
and HP. The three cooperation partners are each experts in their
respective field - communications, computer software and computer
hardware. With a common offering for companies, they are combining
everything in a single convenient package. Customers previously had to
turn to different suppliers, one at a time, and attempt to connect
different products and solutions into something they could use.

Simplicity for the customer is the fundamental concept behind the mobile
package for companies. Several studies have indicated that users want to
work with things that are simple and user-friendly; they want to avoid
difficulties so they can start working right away, and they give
priority to mobile solutions. With the new package, companies can gain
access, for example, to the Internet, the corporate intranet, e-mail,
documents and calendar function wherever they are, whenever they want.
The same information is always accessible - on their PC, their PDA or
mobile phone. The package includes a subscription for mobile data and
users can work from wireless broadband hot spots (with speeds up to 11
Mbit/s) at 3,500 locations in Europe, of which 450 in Sweden.

The mobile package for companies will initially be sold through the
following resellers in Sweden: Atea, LAN Assistans, Vinga, Megabyte,
Pocket Mobile and Office Stockholm. The price of the package starts at
SEK 20 per day and user. The price includes 5 MB of data/month.

For further information journalists can contact:
Maria Stråhle, Press Manager, Business Segment, TeliaSonera Sweden,
phone +46 8 713 58 30.
Suzan Alm Kalleberg, Sales Manager, Small Companies, Microsoft,
phone +46 734 08 56 81.
Anders Garberg, Communications Director, HP, phone +46 733 48 21 22.

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