TeliaSonera Finland provides VoIP solution to SAK

TeliaSonera Finland has concluded a three-year agreement with the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions, SAK, and its member trade unions for the provision of an IP-based voice communications solution as a service to SAK and the Service Union United, the Finnish Metalworkers' Union, The Finnish Food Workers' Union and the Finnish Construction Trade Union. The solution which connects offices is based on a monthly charge. It brings cost benefits and improves the efficiency of the trade unions' activities as well as their services to members.
The new voice communications solution offers unified voice communications services to the offices of SAK and its member unions in different parts of Finland. By means of the solution, the voice traffic of SAK's and the unions' offices in future travels over data networks as IP voice. The external and internal numbering of the offices is unified, and the reachability system that is connected to the solution routes calls to where they can be handled at any given time. In addition to calls, member contacts via other channels - e-mail, web forms, fax and SMS - can be received and processed centrally at the Contact Center customer service function.
The need to renew the conventional telephone exchanges of the SAK member unions started a project to find a unified, cost-effective voice communications solution for the data network of SAK and the unions (SAKnet).
"A unified voice system enables improved cooperation between the unions in the development of their services to members. TeliaSonera's solution offered as a service was the best alternative with respect to both costs and achieving our objectives. The extensive regional organisation of SAK and its member unions receives the same services, irrespective of the location and without the need to increase the data network capacity excessively. The concentration also leads to cost savings in voice traffic. When voice and data travel free from interference over the same network, it is possible to introduce for instance joint multimedia services (video, voice, data) for the communication between the SAK and member union offices and for the member services," says Maija Karimaa, IT Manager at the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions, SAK.
A voice communications solution offered as a service does not require investments in equipment. Instead, the monthly service charge includes voice servers from Nortel Networks, wireless voice communications solutions, voice services and solution maintenance. The IP phones can either be bought or leased. The comprehensive solution is easy to expand and integrate, according to needs.
"Our cooperation with SAK has been long-standing. I am very pleased that with our solution, we can improve the efficiency of Finland's oldest labour market organisation and its member unions, representing a wide range of sectors of Finnish society. VoIP technology offers the organisational sector a more flexible, functional and cost-effective way than before to implement communications services. TeliaSonera has long experience of different voice communications technologies. We are playing an active part in the development by combining for our customers TeliaSonera's data and voice communications competence with our partners' strong IP expertise," says Esa Korvenmaa, Senior Vice President responsible for large corporate customers at TeliaSonera Finland.
Mika Jakobsson, Account Manager, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
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