Two New Sonera Internet Services

TeliaSonera Finland launches two new ways to use the Internet for its fixed-line customers. The Sonera Leisure Line service will allow fixed-line customers to use the Internet for a fixed price during evenings, weekends, and public holidays. Customers who live in areas in which broadband connections are not available can now also choose a 24-h fixed-price Internet subscription, Sonera Internet Net Line.
Sonera Leisure Line is a service designed especially for free time use. It includes an Internet connection and use of the Internet during evenings, nighttime, weekends and public holidays. The service can be accessed via modem or ISDN.
"You should choose Sonera Leisure Line if you use the Internet mainly during evenings and weekends. You will find Sonera Leisure Line cheaper than a service with regular time charging if you use the Internet more than half an hour a day," says Product Manager Jorma Puustinen.
Sonera Internet Net Line allows 24-h access to the Internet for a fixed price. Sonera Internet Net Line includes a fixed network subscription, an Internet service and use of the Internet. If necessary, an ISDN service, excluding the network terminal, can also be included. The Internet Net Line subscription can also be used as a fixed telephone line to make regular calls.
The new services complement the TeliaSonera service offering and introduce fixed prices also to modem and ISDN users in addition to broadband users. We recommend that people who use the Internet a lot every day choose a broadband connection if it is available in their region. A broadband connection is twice as fast as a regular modem or ISDN connection. A broadband connection is needed particularly for the transfer of large files and moving picture.
Sonera Leisure Line is priced at EUR28 / month, including Internet use on weekdays between 5 pm and 7 am, weekends and public holidays. The charge for Internet use on weekdays between 7 am and 5 pm is time-based. The monthly charge for Sonera Internet Net Line is EUR49 / month, including the monthly charge for a fixed line telephone subscription and use of the Internet 24 hours a day. The monthly charge for Internet Net Line includes also ISDN costs at addresses to which ISDN can be delivered without additional construction.
To be able to use the service, one must live in an area covered by the Sonera fixed network. The network covers three-quarters of Finland (for more information, please see:
At the turn of the year, TeliaSonera Finland had 150,000 broadband subscribers in over 300 localities. By offering the new Village Broadband service for municipalities and federations of municipalities, TeliaSonera Finland has brought the broadband also to sparsely populated areas. Almost 140 municipalities have already signed a Village Broadband contract or are currently considering an offer.
Petri Lahtinen, Vice President, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Telephone number: + 358 400 500373
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