Sonera facilitates mobile working

Sonera launches new user interface software to be installed in a portable PC so as to facilitate mobile working. On the Sonera Connect user interface, the user can establish a data transmission connection to the Internet, e-mail and intranet, for example by a single click. If needed, Connect selects the highest-speed wireless Sonera data transmission service available according to the availability area. The user-interface software is a product of TeliaSonera's Pan-Nordic product development, and it is launched in Sweden simultaneously.
More and more employees have a growing need to have access to the e-mail, the Internet or the company's information systems when on the move. From a new Sonera Connect user interface installed in a laptop, you can establish a connection to the Internet, intranet and e-mail by pressing a single key in one and the same PC view. The Connect user interface also allows you to send and receive text messages, to maintain a telephone memo and to view data traffic statistics.
"The service makes it easier to work on the move, as different access methods and technologies are 'hidden' from the user behind one and the same view. According to our service strategy, we now focus especially on the ease-of-use of our services, and increasing the use of mobile data is one of our most important areas of growth. Connect makes it increasingly easier for users to use Internet services and other data network services while on the move, and this improves their working efficiency. As for companies, Connect provides them with quick and effortless access to mobile data services, cuts the need of user support and facilitates user management," says Tommi Kolehmainen, Vice President of TeliaSonera Finland's Business Customers segment.
The Sonera Connect terminal-device software contains the connection settings needed for a portable PC and the drivers required by the most general mobile-phone models on the market. Thanks to automatic software updates of the user interface, the user always has an updated Sonera Connect software version that supports the latest terminal devices.
All wireless data transmission services provided by Sonera and, in addition, fixed broadband and LAN connections can be used with the Connect user interface. If so desired, Sonera Connect automatically selects the highest-speed alternative from the Sonera wireless services available in the place where the connection is being established. Connect is suitable, for example, for mobile users with a portable PC and a mobile phone supported by the Connect user interface, or some other device enabling data transmission (such as a WLAN card in the laptop), and Sonera's wireless data or fixed-network connection. For the time being, the user interface is provided for Sonera customers free of charge. The customer is charged for the services used with the user interface according to the service agreement and the valid price-list.
The Connect software is a product of TeliaSonera's Pan-Nordic product development. TeliaSonera Sweden provides a Connect product based on the software for its customers in Sweden under the Telia brand.
A Connect user interface enabling the use of the company's intranet can be ordered from Sonera's business sales. A prerequisite is that the company has subscribed to the Sonera Mobile Gate service. Sonera Connect suitable for Internet use can be downloaded from as from April 23.
TeliaSonera Finland organizes a press info on Mobile work at the address Futurium, Elimäenkatu 10, Helsinki, on Friday, April 23, 2004, 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Representatives of editorial staff are warmly welcome to attend and learn about the Sonera Connect solution.
Simo Kovalainen, Product Manager, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Tel. +358 40 3022100
Jarkko Koskinen, Product Marketing Manager, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Tel. +358 400 709622
E-mail: (as from April 23, 2004)
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