Sonera is looking for the information service of the year in the Sonera Best Developer 2004 competition

In the autumn of 2003, TeliaSonera Finland held a competition called Sonera Best Developer 2003 for developers of mobile phone services. The competition produced interesting entertainment services and visually impressive mobile games. This year, the competition is arranged in cooperation with Nokia, TietoEnator and Accenture, and the theme is information services.
The competition is open for all Finnish companies and private individuals who have a useful service idea related to health or finance, for example. The competition works must be either WAP services or downloadable Java or Symbian applications that operate on the mobile phone. Participation in the competition is free of charge.
The competition culminates in February 2005 in an event where the winners receive their awards. One of the awards is a trip to the GSM World Congress to be held in Cannes in February 2005. In addition to pursuing the awards, the participants have an opportunity to have their services tested by the general public and evaluated by experts and thus to receive feedback on their development work.
"Mobile phone services that are useful and that make our everyday lives easier promote the Finnish communications culture and expedite our migration to the information society. This appeared for example in the information society discussion that took place in February in the electronic citizen forum of central government. The development of mobile phone services alongside web services became one of the key themes of the discussion," says Katrina Harjuhahto-Madetoja, who serves as the Programme Director of the Information Society Programme at the Prime Minister's Office. "The information society does not refer merely to new technical solutions but also to the opportunity to provide services more equally to all citizens by means of information technology. It is crucial that the services are easy to use," Harjuhahto-Madetoja continues.
The competition works should be submitted between June 15 and October 15, 2004, after which the works complying with the competition rules will be available to Sonera's mobile customers for testing free of charge at Sonera's service menu at If the use of the service requires data transmission, the downloading and use of the competition works are subject to a data transmission charge according to Sonera's valid price-list.
The jury of the competition is composed of experts of TeliaSonera Finland and its cooperation partners. The jury evaluates the general functionality and implementation of the service or application, such as the visual appearance, usability and suitability for the purpose. During the testing period, Sonera also compiles information on the use of the competition works; the volume of service usage and popularity among customers are included in the evaluation criteria.
"I hope that the competition results in new innovations and best practices that can be reproduced cost-effectively to promote the information society and, in the best case, to create international business, " says Director Heikki Sinervo of the Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers.
The competition rules and more detailed instructions will be available on the Internet at
TeliaSonera Finland's Content and Partner Services unit is responsible for the arrangements related to the competition. The unit provides its partners a channel and tools for the provision of content services for Sonera's mobile phone customers.
Director Juhani Kivikangas, TeliaSonera Finland
Tel. +358 40 5561228
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