TeliaSonera Finland launches Internet content filtering service for businesses and organisations

TeliaSonera Finland brings to the market the Sonera Content Filtering service for content filtering of Internet traffic. The Content Filtering service, which is based on a solution developed by PureSight Inc. in California, is intended for businesses and organisations who want to limit their Internet traffic to so-called forbidden sites. The service has been piloted at the Saimaanharjun koulukeskus school centre in Taipalsaari and in the municipality of Joutseno, among others. The results from the pilots have been positive.
The service is suitable for organisations of all sizes that want to implement a content filtering service for their Internet traffic. The service allows the blocking of Internet traffic to specific, forbidden sites as well as the prevention of downloads of certain file types from the Internet. The service analyses the content of the target page before the page is displayed on the user's screen. The analysis is based on artificial intelligence technology, which means that the page content is screened and categorized according to certain algorithms. If inappropriate content is found on the page, it cannot be displayed to the user.
By means of the filtering service, it is possible to prevent access to adult entertainment pages, drug-related sites, offensive and hate pages, sound files (MP3) and files typically associated with viruses. The filtering service only analyses and determines whether the content of a page can be displayed to the user or not - it does not replace information security or antivirus services, but supplements them.
By using content filtering, businesses and organisations can gain numerous benefits. The values of a business or an organisation are supported by the prevention of misuse of the Internet and its harmful effects. Thanks to the service, network capacity can be utilized more efficiently as Internet bandwidth is used for more useful purposes. Another benefit is improved working time efficiency and productivity. The service hides the IP addresses of the users from the Internet servers and makes it difficult for malicious code to get through. This means that the service plays an important role also from the point of view of information security. The service is easy to implement, as it does not require equipment investments or maintenance from the customer, nor software updates.
"Here at Saimaanharjun koulukeskus, we are extremely satisfied with the pilot," says headmaster Ilkka Leinonen. "The pupils have been calm about the notifications informing them of blocked access, which is quite natural, as the presentation style is very matter-of-fact and part of the system. We were also positively surprised to see how easy the service was to use as well as how fast it analyses a target page and gives the result. By introducing the service at our school, we are showing the parents that we take our responsibility as educators seriously, and that we set limits to the pupils' behaviour also in terms of information technology," adds Ilkka Leinonen.
"Our cooperation with Saimaanharjun koulukeskus, the municipality of Joutseno and Tietomaakunta eKarjala Oy (the South Karelia Information Region Project) has been inspiring and profitable. There is currently a strong social demand for content filtering services. We are happy to have as our cooperation partner Tietomaakunta eKarjala, a company offering data network services and high-quality information technology training to municipalities and SMEs. Tietomaakunta eKarjala plays a central role as developer of the South Karelian information society and as a service provider in conjunction with TeliaSonera Finland," says Department Director Pasi Korhonen of TeliaSonera.
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