TeliaSonera International Carrier launches new service to enable mobile video calling for mobile operators

TeliaSonera International Carrier launches new service to enable mobile
video calling for mobile operators

Today TeliaSonera International Carrier is launching a new service for
mobile operators, called TeliaSonera 64K Clear Channel. This service
facilitates the high-quality delivery of international mobile video
calls. Initially, the service can be delivered to 38 countries

TeliaSonera International Carrier is one of the first carriers in the
world to launch a 64 Kbit/s clear channel service. The service allows
mobile operators to offer their customers high quality face-to-face
video calls. TeliaSonera 64k Clear Channel has been developed in
cooperation with a number of the leading mobile operators in Europe,
including TeliaSonera.

TeliaSonera International Carrier delivers the service over its wholly-
owned fibre network. As from today, the service can be delivered to 38
countries worldwide. The number of countries will increase in response
to customer demand.

"As a result of the 3G drive, we see an increasing demand for mobile
operators to offer services like face-to-face video calling, sending
video messages and similar services", says Eva Lindqvist, President of
TeliaSonera International Carrier. "For the mobile operator it is
crucial that these services are of first-rate quality. We are now able
to support this requirement with the TeliaSonera 64K Clear Channel

Facts about TeliaSonera 64K Clear Channel
TeliaSonera 64K Clear Channel is delivered over TeliaSonera
International Carrier's wholly- owned fibre network. The service
provides a transparent 64 Kbit/s clear channel connection between mobile
networks, meaning that no echo suppression or bit manipulation is
Facts about TeliaSonera International Carrier
TeliaSonera International Carrier provides wholesale international IP,
Capacity and Voice services to selected high volume destinations in
Europe and across the Atlantic. Services are based on TeliaSonera
International Carrier's fully-owned and controlled European and trans-
Atlantic networks. As well as owning one of the largest network
footprints in Europe, TeliaSonera International Carrier also has peering
points in the US. TeliaSonera International Carrier is the leading
carrier of IP and Voice traffic in the Nordic and Baltic Sea regions,
and has extensive reach into Eastern Europe. TeliaSonera International
Carrier is a company fully owned by the TeliaSonera Group.

For further information journalists may contact:
Brendan Ives, Product Manager, TeliaSonera International Carrier, +46-
(0)70-335 04 06

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