Managers in northern Sweden answer e-mail the fastest in Sweden

Managers in northern Sweden answer e-mail the fastest in Sweden

Company managers in Norrland, in the north of Sweden, answer their e-
mail messages the fastest and use SMS more than the country as a whole.
Managers in the north agree that increased mobility can boost
profitability, but their companies do not always provide them with the
technical prerequisites for mobility. These are some of the findings in
Telia's survey "The Mobile Manager".

In the survey, 78 percent of the managers in Norrland said they read
their e-mail immediately, as each message arrives, when they sit in
front of their computer. In Stockholm, the corresponding figure is 68
percent and the average is 73 percent for the entire country. Twenty-
eight percent of the managers in Norrland answer their e-mail
immediately, which is the best in the country, compared with 24 percent
for Sweden as a whole.

The survey also showed that 94 percent of the managers in the north of
Sweden completely, often or partly agree with the statement that
increased mobility can boost profitability and about the same percentage
say that a mobile working life makes everyone more efficient. Nine out
of ten managers in Norrland think their own organization can and should
work in a more mobile manner than today.

However, 24 percent of the managers in Norrland say their own company
does not provide the technical prerequisites for a more mobile working
life. The corresponding figure for the country is 19 percent.

The survey's findings also showed that managers in the north of Sweden
are good at using SMS. Ninety percent of them send SMS messages,
compared with 83 percent for the whole of Sweden. Many people in
management positions in the north have a mobile camera phone - 47
percent, compared with 39 percent in the entire country.

"In many ways, managers in Norrland are a model for using mobile
technology. There is a clear link between increased mobility and higher
profitability and managers in the north of Sweden are taking advantage
of this in a very effective way," says Anders Gylder, head of the Large
Corporate Customers segment at TeliaSonera Sweden.

About the survey:
In "The Mobile Manager" survey, 914 managers were interviewed about the
way mobile technology trends have impacted their role as a manager.
Respondents in the survey include managers in different positions in
large Swedish companies and the public sector throughout Sweden. The
survey period was March 25-April 1, 2004. The research company United
Minds was commissioned by Telia to carry out the survey.

For further information journalists can contact:
Helene Bagewitz, Press Manager, TeliaSonera Sweden,
phone +46 8 713 58 30

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