New wireless mobile service focuses on security

TeliaSonera Sweden, in association with SYSteam, has developed a unique functional solution that enables companies to communicate securely with their intranet, e-mail system or enterprise/operating system from a hand-held computer or mobile phone.
"We know that security is an important issue for enterprises today. Handheld computers (PDAs) and smart mobile phones are being used more and more, and many IT managers are facing difficult security challenges when it comes to providing secure connectivity for their companies. SYSteam LessWire Office from Telia solves the problem because it gives companies complete control over their systems and terminals," says Christer Pihl, manager for mobile data solutions for TeliaSonera Sweden's Large Corporate Customers segment.
The service, based on the OneBridge technology platform, provides security solutions for logging onto systems, datacom security, authorization and terminal security. Authorization, virus protection and updates are sent centrally through a built-in security solution. E-mail, for example, is automatically updated, which basically means that users always have access to their latest e-mail messages in their pocket. If a mobile device should be stolen, the information content of the device can be emptied by remote control when an unauthorized person attempts to use the device.
The basic package includes an installation analysis, implementation and basic system configuration, a training course and utilization of OneBridge licenses. A company can also choose to receive terminals, configuration, support and business models through the service. A large number of today's handheld devices and mobile handsets support the service, which is billed at a monthly rate per company and user.
"Customers shouldn't have to think of the technology or be forced to read difficult manuals in order to start using the service. When a user gets his handheld computer or mobile phone, all he has to do is turn it on and start working. Everything is preconfigured in accordance with the 'Open-Use' principle," says Christer Pihl.
"As a solution, LessWire Office definitely makes it easier for companies who have personnel who are very much on the move. We know that many employees want to work at home and while travelling, in which case, working wirelessly must be easy, fast and secure," ends Christer Pihl.
Christer Pihl, Mobile Data Solutions Manager, TeliaSonera Sweden, Large Corporate Customers Segment,
+46 8 688 01 39
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