Sonera launches a wireless PBX attendant service solution

Sonera supports companies' migration to wireless voice communications and to the one-terminal operations model by launching a new PBX attendant service solution, which integrates mobile phones into a company's communications system. The solution brings mobility to customer service, improves reachability and reduces equipment purchases and unnecessary call forwardings.
Sonera's new PBX attendant service solution offers companies a possibility to utilise a fully wireless telephone system or to migrate gradually to wirelessness in their voice traffic. The solution allows mobile phones to operate in the same way as fixed telephones; for the PBX attendant, mobile phones are the same kind of "extensions" as the switchboard extensions. The PBX attendant can switch a call to a mobile phone and then start to serve the next caller. If a call is not answered or a mobile phone is switched off, the call is returned to the switchboard. Another new feature is that the switchboard operator knows from which extension a call is returned and for which reason.
The solution brings savings to companies, as they do no longer need to maintain two parallel telephone systems, and equipment purchases are reduced, when each employee only needs to have one terminal device. Many unnecessary call forwardings from a fixed telephone to a mobile phone are also reduced, which in turn reduces the expenses.
"We offer a managed and cost-effective manner to switch over to the one-terminal operations model and to deploy wirelessness as part of a company's voice communications. By means of the wireless PBX service solution, the callers get better service than before, the right persons are reached efficiently also via a telephone switchboard, and the PBX attendants can perform their duties even when on the move", stresses Business Manager Pekka Reinikainen of TeliaSonera Finland.
At companies, mobility has become everyday routine, and the mobile phone is often a more important tool than the fixed telephone. In earlier PBX attendant service solutions, however, the caller may have been left to his fate, when a call was forwarded from the switchboard to a mobile phone, and the PBX attendant was not able to see if the call was answered or not. As to a forwarded call, the recipient did not either see who was calling, as the telephone only displayed the fixed telephone number from which the forwardings came.
Sonera's PBX attendant service solution will be implemented in Sonera's network. In the first version of the service, the PBX service is outsourced to Sonera, and calls are switched both to mobile phones and to fixed subscriptions. The new version that will be completed in the summer is suitable for companies that deal with the switching of calls themselves. By the end of 2004, there will be two more solutions launched; these solutions will only be suitable for mobile phone users.
For more information, please contact:
Pekka Reinikainen, Business Manager, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj
Phone +358 40 3022130
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