Sonera starts to filter out spam

Sonera starts to filter out spam, i.e. undesired mass e-mails, from the e-mail service provided for consumers and SMEs. The filtering is scheduled to start in June, and its aim is to ensure the operation of the communications network and the e-mail system and to prevent interference resulting from the increasing volume of spam in the e-mail traffic.
An automatic spam filter is used to filter out messages identified as spam in the mail coming to the mail system. The filtering does not eliminate all spam, but it greatly improves the reliability of the e-mail system. All Sonera's customers that the new practice to be started in June concerns will be informed of the spam filtering.
Sonera has actively striven to reduce the effects of viruses and other malware on e-mail traffic. Thanks to active filtering of viruses, the number of virus messages has dropped considerably this year. Until now, we have fought against spam by denying access to the communications network from such Internet customers whose subscriptions have been used to send notable amounts of spam. Access has again been allowed when Sonera - in co-operation with the customer - has managed to solve the spam problem.
The volume of viruses, worms and spam is constantly increasing in the Internet and e-mail, however. The customers' computers are invaded and used to transmit spam so that they may send vast amounts of spam without that the customer knows anything about it. The information security of the user whose computer has been taken over is also jeopardized, for the intruder may gain access to the files on the computer.
In addition to the virus and spam filtering carried out at network level, it is of vital importance that the information security of all the computers with access to the Internet is secured. Up-to-date information security services greatly reduce the number of virus incidents and their harmful effects. We recommend that all Internet users should see to it that their operating systems are updated on a regular basis. In addition, the computer should be provided with anti-virus software, which identifies and eliminates viruses, and a firewall, which prevents outsiders from intruding into the user's computer.
Product Group Manager Matti Sallinen, Consumer Services, TeliaSonera Finland
Tel. +358 (0) 40 551 0607
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