TeliaSonera Denmark targets the local business community

Local companies should be able to obtain relevant knowledge on TeliaSonera Denmark telecommunications solutions quickly and easily; such is the idea behind Telia Business Partner, which is a new collaboration between TeliaSonera Denmark and the independent retail trade.
Telia Business Partner will be launched on 27 May 2004, when 11 stores staffed by trained personnel will open around the country, each aimed at making TeliaSonera telecommunications solutions accessible to the local business community.
"We have chosen not to have our own stores, but have instead committed ourselves to independent chains. These chains are anchored in the local community and bring us into closer contact with customers," says Mr Roar Seeger, sales and marketing manager at Telia Mobile in Denmark.
"We wish to strengthen our position as a serious challenger in the Danish business market and Telia Business Partner is aimed at ensuring us a firm local foothold out in the business community. Telia Business Partner will not only offer business the right solutions, but it will also ensure that our customers through the local approach feel safe about their choice and about TeliaSonera as their collaborator. Simplicity and user-friendliness are the key words," Mr Seeger goes on to say.
TeliaSonera Denmark's partners in this new concept include the Telekæden chain. Telekæden is Denmark's largest chain of telecommunication stores with 74 stores distributed throughout the country, and, in general, the proprietors of these have been selling telecommunications solutions to the local business community for many years.
"We have been dealing in TeliaSonera's business products for a number of years and we experience that they are among the very best on the market. For this reason we are happy that TeliaSonera Denmark has selected several of Telekæden's stores as Telia Business Partners. These stores will be local frontrunners when it comes to expertise in the new telecommunication solutions," declares Mr Rolf Ovesen, director of Telekæden.
Sales & Marketing Manager Roar Seeger, Telia Mobile, TeliaSonera Danmark, tel. +45 28 27 46 33
Communications Manager Robert Neimanas, TeliaSonera Danmark, tel. +45 28 27 51 82
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