TeliaSonera Finland offers a more reliable choice of subscription for areas with high risk of damage to fixed lines

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj offers a more reliable choice of subscription for those geographical areas where the risk of a fixed subscription becoming damaged is high because of, for example, thunder. Customers living at the end of easily damaged, long lines have already been contacted and TeliaSonera Finland has suggested that they change their traditional fixed-line subscriptions for mobile subscriptions. Wireless technology adds to the reliability of phone connections for customers in areas with high risk of damage.
If the customers so wish, they can keep their present telephone subscriptions due to, for example, Internet use. In such a case, the technical implementation of the subscription is altered and the last section of the connection is carried out wirelessly using mobile technology. There will be no changes to the telephone number or the telephone set. The new technology does not affect the subscription charges: the customer's call and monthly charges are according to the TeliaSonera telephone subscription price list. Utilising alternative technologies ensures that the customer is provided with reliable telephone connections also in future. TeliaSonera Finland has already contacted more than 3 000 customers in different parts of Finland.
"If the customer gives up his fixed-line subscription altogether and becomes a mobile subscriber, Sonera will offer him EUR300 worth of talk time. Our mobile network already covers most of Finland and its reception has improved all the time. In many cases, a mobile subscription is a cheaper alternative for the customer than the traditional telephone subscription. Changes in the subscription type and the removal of easily damaged lines brings in cost savings as the maintenance and repair costs of phone cables are reduced," explains Vice President Petri Lahtinen of TeliaSonera Finland.
Approximately 700 customers' fixed telephone connections have been implemented with mobile technology in recent years. Last autumn, a more advanced technology based on the same solution was tested, which now makes an Internet connection possible. The solution enables an Internet connection at a speed comparable to a modem connection in the fixed-line network. Customers felt that the usability of fixed-line connections and the Internet improved with this new technology, and that the connection was reliable and provided easier access to the Internet than a traditional modem connection.
The offering of subscription alternatives has no effect on implementing the Sonera Broadband or Village Broadband projects or the restrictions on the availability of broadband access. The pole connections chosen are overlong connections for which an ADSL connection cannot be provided.
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