TeliaSonera opening subscriptions to increased competition

TeliaSonera opening subscriptions to increased competition

Today, TeliaSonera Sweden is following up on its efforts to further open
up the Swedish telecommunication network. During Monday, concrete
options have been presented to its operator customers, giving them
opportunity to choose which sections of the telephone subscription they
wish to purchase from TeliaSonera Sweden, and which they themselves wish
to arrange for their end customers.

As early as last year, TeliaSonera Sweden was taking the initiative for
this change, which will mean greater competition and thus more rapid
development of telephony and telephony services. Every telecom operator
can now take full responsibility for their customers. The most
noticeable change here will be that people no longer need several
invoices for their telephony. An operator can choose to package its
subscription so that both fixed quarterly charges and call charges
appear on the same invoice.

TeliaSonera Sweden will thus have a direct supplier relationship with
other operators, instead of with their telephony customers.

"This is a major step towards full competition on the Swedish market,
and TeliaSonera Sweden is enabling an increased dynamic to create
conditions for growth and development. It will also become easier to be
a telecom customer. In other countries, subscriptions are resold in
their entirety, which we at TeliaSonera think would inhibit
possibilities on the copper network", said Marie Ehrling, MD of
TeliaSonera Sweden. "Now, agreements will be signed with our operator
clients, and the changes will be seen at the end of this year."

There are essentially three elements to a telecommunication
subscription: network connection, telephony function, and additional
services. So far, operators have been buying telephone traffic from
Telia, adding their own customer service, and then packaging this with
other services and offers.

The advantage of TeliaSonera Sweden opening all areas of a subscription
up to competition is that new players gain the opportunity to develop a
new telecom services market.

Operators' additional services, as well as availability, service, and
reliability are now clearer, and it is becoming easier to choose who to
connect one's telephony to. This news also means TeliaSonera Sweden is
contributing to the development of telecommunication subscriptions
according to the needs of different customer categories. Everyone gets
greater choice to combine different elements in their subscription.

For further information journalists can contact:
TeliaSonera Sweden´s Press Service, +46-(0)8-713 58 30

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